#1 Home Search Website for 2022 – 5 Reasons Why

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We are not arguing this home search website is #1 because it is the prettiest site to search homes for sale. We believe this website is number one because it is the smartest and most effective way to find the home you want and get the best deal while you’re at it. Most home search websites are prettier or easier to use versions of each other – this one is outright unique. 

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Icons change color based on property type (condo, multi-family, land for sale, commercial, detached homes).
Icons change size based on the properties sq. ft., or for land for sale, the acreage size.
Icons change shade based on price, the darker the shade the more expensive the property for sale.

2. Type in any Word – Find a Matching Home.

Seriously. Want to find a home with a sunset view? South facing door? Gazebo? Indoor pool? Only interested in Mid-Century Modern or Victorian homes? Want to find homes designed by a specific architect? Require a river, ocean, or mountain view? Whatever you want, type it in. We call it “Custom Keyword Search” for homes, or another way of thinking of it would be a “Google search for homes.” Type in a word and the home search website will scan every description of every property to find a match.

3. A Statistical Miracle

Apply smart filters on top of any basic home search to instantly see crucial statistics. We call each overlay a Vestor Filter™. Apply best price per sq. ft., best price per acre (lot size), best price per bedroom count, best price per unit count (multi-family), and more. Each property is automatically crunched by a number of smart Vestor Filter™ overlays to give you a true picture of the numerical value of every single home.

4. An Unparalleled Deal Finder

There are so many ways to find your best home for sale deal on this website the best thing we can do is make a list:

  1. Smart Fixer List – this home search website looks through every written description on every property looking for keywords to tip it off that this is a fixer opportunity and then incorporates MLS data indictors that it would be so. End result – a compellation of opportunities.
  2. Best Priced Condos – problem with condos is the sale price is only half the battle. HOA fees and taxes can make up a huge chunk of the cost. The Best Priced Condo smart overly adds 5 years of HOA fees and 5 years of property taxes to every condo sale price (then sorts it from lowest to highest so you can see what is and what is not a good condo deal).
  3. Biggest Price Drop Last 7 Days – home buyers are notorious for bidding up properties that are new on the market while completely missing homes that drop their price below value – suddenly becoming the best deal in the market. If you’re truly looking for a good home deal, watch this filter. Many sellers make the mistake of starting too high and end up selling under market, savvy home buyers know this but have a hard time watching all the price drops at once – until now.
  4. Longest on the Market – with one click you can find all the motivated home sellers in any given real estate market. Unless they are simply not interested in selling, the longer a property sits the more willing a seller is to negotiate the price. Reverse the search and start looking at potential deals. You can also search the short sale, foreclosure, and auction lists.
  5. The Sum of the Above – combine keyword searching for home, in-depth statistical analysis of every property (automatic), and various smart filters and you will find the best home deal.

5. Making Hard to Find Homes – Easy

A custom keyword home search match goes a long way, but this number one home search website has even more to offer. The demand for homes with Extra Living Quarters is incredibly high, but searching through property after property to find homes with apartments, ADUS, second kitchens, rentable spaces, is tough! The rest of the home search sites out there fail – miserably – to create a searchable list of homes with Extra Living Quarters. This website combines all the available MLS data and reads every word of every home description for you to combine the ultimate, comprehensive Extra Living Quarters property list.

Convenient Tools and no Forced Registrations

This #1 home search website also allows you to save any home you’re interested in and save any unique home search criteria you came up with – all on one sharable page. You can take your saved page URL and send it to anyone, share it with family, friends, or your real estate agent. The site is also fast and mobile-friendly. We could go on and on about the ability to search for open houses today (next 7 days), or the ability to cap HOA fees or property taxes while searching, or the commercial property list, or the ability to only look at single level homes – we’d have to write another article to list out every power tool this home search site offers.

Alright, that’s enough I think. Time to try it out.

One System, Multiple Local Sites. Big national home search portals like Zillow attempt to incorporate thousands of different competing data sources leading to a breadth of data errors and an oversimplification of the available home data (think lowest common denominator). In contrast, this home search system gets direct data feeds from local MLS systems ensuring the data is hyper-local, accurate, and comprehensive.

This site is ready for you and covers all homes for sale in the greater Portland metro area including the northern coast, Mt. Hood, most of SW Washington, and all territory south to Salem.




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