12 Remodeling Trends to Sell a Home for More

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After sequestering for much of the past two years, people are looking for ways to refresh and enliven their spaces at home. Trends come and go, and humans like change. So it’s always good to know what’s in and what’s out, for both our own personal tastes and preferences, and when it comes time to sell a home.

We checked in to see what Portland, Oregon’s top interior designers are saying to bring you the biggest and most interesting home decor trends and influences for 2022. These can be especially helpful if you’re preparing for a future home sale.

1. Next to Nature

After the stressors of the past two years, homeowners are creating “more tranquil spaces at home,” says Barbara Miller, design director with Portland designer Neil Kelly‘s design team. Miller says people “are drawn to design styles that are psychologically soothing,” which means they’re turning to nature-influenced design and decor features in their homes. Or as Miller puts it, “bringing the outside in.” Leaning on natural, organic shapes, colors, and textures can bring the emotional grounding many people have missed.

Miller says we’ll see more people moving away from white or grey monochrome kitchens and bathrooms and moving more toward greens, blues, and browns inspired by nature. For this year, green is really the stand-out color. Think more subdued than bright, like Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams or October Mist by Benjamin Moore.

Amanda Thompson of Aline Studio says indoor plants will become a focal point in many homes this year, along with natural lighting and new ways to ventilate. Thompson also says we’ll see more textured decor pieces made of wood and wicker, and textured ceramics.

Bathroom and kitchen tiles will get more complex and interesting in the way of color, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Think large-format wall tiles, two-tone patterned floor tiles, bold colors and patterns, and earthy terra cotta.

2. Accents in Black

What’s more classic and sophisticated than basic black? Picture black interior accents in the form of cabinets in the kitchen.

From furniture to vases, throw pillows, artwork, and window coverings, black pairs well with earthy neutrals in any room and is always elegant, chic, and timeless.

3. Extra Living Quarters

While this is no small decor item, getting creative with space and adding extra living quarters will become more the norm in 2022 and beyond here in Portland, so say the experts. The reason? Since the pandemic, many people are now committed to working from home or combining households with parents or grown kids and grandkids, and homeowners have found themselves needing more space. One clever way to accomplish this without having to sell and move is to add extra living quarters to a property.

portland adus

A basement or an attic with an outside entrance can be transformed into a new livable—even rentable—space. Or it can come in the form of an ADU—or several—in the back yard. And Portland’s Residential Infill Project will make this a stronger possibility for anyone owning a home in Portland. (Side note: Adding an ADU to your property means you stand to get 8% more on your sales price.)

4. Outdoor Living

Another lifestyle the pandemic has brought into focus is outdoor living. With people still wanting to entertain while maintaining distance, having a well-designed and functional patio or deck area is essential. Of course, living in Portland means making outdoor living a seasonal endeavor. Or it means getting creative and adding coverings and heaters to make it available and comfortable year-round.

If you already have a covered area, adding some new patio furniture might be all you need.

Whether you’re looking for a simple space to dine with the family and entertain friends al fresco or you want to do something more full-scale, like a significant deck or patio renovation, outdoor living can take many forms. Adding extras like portable heaters, fire pits, built-in wine coolers, and pizza ovens will take your outdoor living to new heights.

5. Ranges That Make a Statement

Perhaps another pandemic-induced focus is that of staying home more and going out to eat less. Enter the need for a new range. But not just any range. Most of us think of kitchen ranges as purely functional with little thought to design. In 2022, though, more attention will be given to range styles for aesthetic purposes.

People are looking for ranges that make a statement, says Mandy Riggar of Mandy Riggar Interiors. She says, “I’m seeing beautifully designed ranges that are also highly functional. The design moment is no longer the hood and surrounding tile or cabinetry; the statement is the range itself.”

6. Animal Prints

Maybe an offshoot of the next-to-nature focus we mentioned above, animal prints are in vogue in 2022. Michael Reper of Nest Portland says they’re “timeless, elegant and edgy, and have been used for centuries. They add energy, interest and sophistication to any space.”

Antelope Pillows from Old World Weavers, The House of Scalamandre

Animal prints don’t have to be true to nature. Finding them in unexpected colors provides more latitude when making aesthetic choices and brings an element of fun to decor.

7. Arches

Humans love new. They also love traditional, which is probably one reason arches are being incorporated into living spaces in 2022. Emilia Callero of Emilia Interior Design and Decor says we can look for these elegant curves in “arched doorways, curvy sofas and cabinetry details, all the way down to curved counters.”

Studies have shown that curved furniture and design details evoke a sense of relaxation and hopefulness. Considering the state of the world over the past two years, it makes sense that people are yearning for a bit of both. If adding or creating arches and curves can help achieve that, why not?

Whether the arch shapes the entrance to a room with a door or an open walkway, it adds interest and beauty to any space.

8. Unlaquered Brass

Want to update your kitchen or bathroom without tearing it apart, creating a long-term inconvenience, and going into debt? Small touches can make a big difference. According to Donna DuFresne of Donna DuFresne Interior Design, unlacquered brass handles and knobs in the kitchen create an air of timelessness.

When brand new, unlacquered brass shines bright, and you can keep it that way with a little brass cleaner, a soft rag, and some elbow grease. If you like the weathered and worn look, give it a little time. The brass will oxidize and darken, forming patina—a brown or green layer—making it look old and antique.

Gone are the days when old brass was thought to be passe. These days, many people are forgoing the flashy and new aesthetic for established and comfortable.

9. 1970s Throwback

Whether it’s because we’re all wanting to reach back in time and remember what life was like pre-pandemic, or whether it’s because the 1970s were just so cool, Stewart Horner of Penny Black Interiors says we can expect to see plenty of 70s decor in 2022.

As Horner points out, certain 70s-style items have never gone out of style, like the slouchy Togo Sofa, pictured below, designed in 1973 by Michel Ducaroy, now in its 48th year of production.

Heavy on unique style by itself, pieces like this make a statement, pull together a room, and work in a variety of scenarios.

10. Wallpaper

Last year, we said wallpaper was making a comeback, and from the looks of it, this wall treatment from another era isn’t going anywhere, according to Max Humphrey, Portland interior designer. As Humphrey says, “Wallpaper is the new paint.” He says it’s all about people being comfortable with making bold statements, and not just in those out-of-the-way rooms, like “the guest room at your grandma’s house,” but in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms also.

Realhomes.com says wallpaper with biophilic or natural motifs are everywhere for the new season. Look for “birdlife to forests and from bold florals to delicate Japanese-style heron and koi carp prints,” like the prints below from Bobo 1325 and Cole & Son.

11. Sanitation and Safety in the Bathroom

All this time at home during a pandemic has brought safety and sanitation to the forefront. According to the Neil Kelly team, bidets are becoming more popular in the U.S. with consumers acknowledging their benefits in the way of sanitation and reduced waste.

Aging in place has also become a focus for many, so Kelly says that upgrades like enhanced lighting, better walker access, safety bars, and curbless showers are all on the menu for bathrooms in 2022.

12. Sanitation and Smooth Surfaces in the Kitchen

Another hot ticket when considering health and sanitation is kitchen surfaces. The Kelly team also says people are leaning toward smooth counters that are easy to clean and non-porous, like porcelain.

Other kitchen items that are expected to make a surge in popularity: recycling set ups and touchless fixtures.

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