5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cedar Mill, Oregon

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Ever checked out the lists of top Portland suburbs and felt like you didn’t quite understand the vibe them? That’s what we’re here for. We’ll not only give you an idea of a Portland suburb’s school system or job prospects. Beyond the numbers, we also like to inform folks about the details and quirks that make a community a community. The small things, you might say, aren’t always so small.

If you check Niche.com right now, for example, you’ll find Cedar Mill listed as the #2 best suburb to live in Oregon. And it’s not hard to connect the dots as to why. For one, its schools manage to be some of the most highly rated in the area. For another, you’re close to all the amenities and job opportunities just to the south in Beaverton.

But what else makes up the character of Cedar Mill, Oregon? What makes up that special something that makes folks want to put down roots there? We’ve gathered up five amazing facts about Cedar Mill, things that might normally pass under the radar, that most reveal the town’s character.

#1 – Cedar Mill Is Unincorporated – But Not in Spirit

Not to be confused with Cedar Hills, an incorporated town just on the southern side of Highway 26, Cedar Mill has been unincorporated throughout its long history. Rather, it’s a census-designated place, meaning it has a great enough population for Census Bureau to count it statistically (despite being unincorporated). So you won’t find find any official city council here. But that doesn’t mean the community isn’t organized in its own way.

Take, for example, the Cedar Mill News. Published once a month, this independent newspaper drums up interest both in its online and print versions. The paper keeps the community up to date on everything from road work to library events to the latest musicals put on by local high schools. That might not sound like breaking news, exactly, but it does mark a community that’s invested in itself, from the smallest to the biggest news stories.

#2 – Cedar Mill Is Actually Named for a Post Office, and the Loyalty to the Postal Service Lives On

Yes, a real mill existed, and that marks the origin point of the name Cedar Mill. Established around 1855, the cedar mill held a place as the first established business in the area (for white settlers, anyway). As one of the first lumber operations in what is now Washington County, it secured a central place in the local economy.

But the name of this town actually comes from the post office. The mill itself underwent changes of name and ownership. When it came time to designate a post office for the area, in 1874, the name Cedar Mill just made sense. And even years after that post office closed, the name stuck.

Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise anyone, then, that the town still rallies around the U.S. Postal Service. Call it pride, call it loyalty to local lore. But the latest edition of the Cedar Mill News defended USPS and Oregon’s traditional vote-by-mail system.

#3 – Intel Once Named a Version of Its Processor After Cedar Mill

Lumber industry, a small-scale newspaper, and the local post office – do these details leave you with an impression of Cedar Mill as a quaint, isolated hamlet? Not quite. While it retains its local charm, the area is by no means isolated from more cosmopolitan forces.

To wit, Cedar Mill once inspired part of the tech industry’s foray into Oregon. Back in 2006, Intel, based in Hillsboro since the 1990’s, named its final version of the Pentium 4 Processor the Cedar Mill. That’s proof enough of how Cedar Mill the town resides closely alongside the giants of the Silicon Forest. When small town charm prospers alongside such economic powerhouses… hard not to call that a win.

#4 – There’s Only One Waterfall – But It’s Worth It

No doubt about it, Oregon is a state of waterfalls. Now, in Cedar Mill you won’t find the kind of huge, untouched grandiosity of, say, Multnomah Falls. But you will find a local waterfall, preserved as part of the Cedar Mill Creek Greenway. And it makes for a nice hike without the drive. You can pass by the original site of the post office before reaching the falls, which are particularly nice during the fall when the trees’ colors come out. The Greenway is ADA accessible, making it a fantastic opportunity for a wide range of locals to get out and enjoy the sights. Here you won’t ever feel off the grid, but a nice boardwalk still lets you enjoy the canopy of greenery.

What that says about about the natural environment? Cedar Mill Falls: small but infinitely picturesque. What that says about the local community? They’re able to grow while still valuing green space in the area.

#5 – In Cedar Mill, Education Doesn’t Stop at the Classroom

The Cedar Mill area was designated as a school district back in 1856, though pioneer and Native schools existed even before then. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Cedar Mill still enjoys great schools. The importance of education makes up part of the fabric of the community.

But like any community that values education, Cedar Mill knows that learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom. The evidence? Let’s take a trip to the Cedar Mill Farmer’s Market. For years now, the market has sponsored a program for children called the Power of Produce Club. Known, as POP, this club encourages kids to learn about fruits and vegetables – and rewards them for it! Right now, due to Covid, POP operates as a to-go kit. Each kit offers an activity and a chance to learn about the market and its goods, as well as two tokens for the market. But that’s not all. When kids bring back the activity, showing their progress, they can receive two more tokens! The program encourages healthy eating, nutrition education, and community engagement in one fell swoop!

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