5 Things You Didn’t Know about Sherwood, Oregon

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Updated 06/2024.

#1 – Yes, There Is a Connection to Robin Hood

When you first heard the city’s name, did you think of Sherwood Forest? Well, that was intentional… to an extent. Sherwood has a long history, and so does its name.

First settled by the Tualatin peoples, Sherwood saw its first influx of non-native settlers in the mid-1800s, especially following the 1849 California Gold Rush. In 1885, a man by the name of J. C. Smock granted the railroad access through his property, and the town became known as Smockville.

#2 – Sherwood Is a Wine Destination

We all know that Oregon is famous for its vineyards, but you might not have time to trek out to what we think of as “wine country.” Sherwood is located only 30 minutes from downtown Portland and offers a lot for wine lovers. The city is one of the fastest-growing wine destinations in the northern Willamette Valley home to seven estate vineyards.

Take a tour, sample the goods, and be back in Portland by dusk (after walking in the beautiful rolling hills of the wineries to sober up, of course). Or, stop in downtown and enjoy the small-town charm before returning to the city.

Better yet, snag a piece of real estate in this paradise for yourself. With downtown Portland only a half-hour drive away, you won’t miss out on any of the city excitement.

#3 – Sherwood Promotes Access to the Arts

Remember when we said Sherwood isn’t a place for small-town thinking? There’s truth to that, and there isn’t. It’s a community that values the arts, but it also wants everyone to have access to them.

One of our favorite hallmarks of the Sherwood community is the Sherwood Center for the Arts. Construction of it was a labor of love born from big dreams. This little corner for creativity came alive thanks to community support.

The center officially opened in 2015, but its first inklings for this wonderful community center date back to 2001. It is home to programs such as arts education, community theater, and local art showings. Classes are offered for young children and adults of any age. It even hosts a program called “Parents Night Out,” which provides affordable child care so parents can, well, you get the point. The Sherwood Center of the Arts is a testament to Sherwood’s care for fostering creativity for all community segments.

#4 – Sherwood Has Highly Rated Schools

Sherwood School District’s website is clean and direct. It provides helpful, easy-to-find links to necessary information and services. The resources page provides easily accessible information about programs and major news about the school system.

#5 – Sherwood Hosts Some of the Coolest Events in the PDX Area

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