A Day in the Life of a Portland Real Estate Agent: Spider House

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A lot of people ask me, being a Portland real estate agent, “What is the worst house you have ever been inside in Portland?” I’ll tell you a quick story with a Portland home-care moral.

The spider house. As many of you know, Portlanders often let their houses blend in with the vegetation. Sometimes it is hard to know where the yard ends and the house begins. Well, this house looked like a jungle from the outside, in fact, I couldn’t see the house from the curb. What I could see were spiders. Four spider webs blocked the open front gate; I cut those webs with a folder and stepped into a spider death maze. All around this terrified real estate agent, countless spiders of all shapes and sized hung from the trees and the roof’s rafters poking out of a thick leafy green mess. Inside, spiders guarded the entrance to nearly every room. At this point, my heart began to race. It was simply too many spiders for me to handle in one small space. My throat constricted and I strategically made my way outside.

Quick selling tip from your local Portland Realtor: do not bury your house in vegetation! Leaves and grass pressed up against the siding and traps water against the house and produces rot. Insects of all types will use the vegetation as easy access points to enter through your window screens and tiny cracks in the home. All vegetation should be cut back at least 12 inches from the home, that way you won’t end up with a spider house.

May 9, 2012

Stephen FitzMaurice

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