Best Colors to Paint Your Home to Increase Home Value 2022

First impressions matter. When you’re selling your home, you want to make the best one possible when potential buyers roll up to the curb for a walk through. Whether you anticipate selling your home in the near future or a few years from now, it never hurts to think about how to increase its value.

Making the decision to sell your home is a big one, one that’s usually followed by other decisions, like what updates are needed, which ones take priority, and which ones fit within your budget.

One change you can make to increase your home’s value is to paint the exterior. Not only will it give the structure a fresh, clean appearance, it will also entice those coming to view it to step inside and look around. Don’t forget that the most important photo of your home online, is the first one. If home buyers don’t like the first photo, they won’t look at the rest.

We explored the most popular exterior paint colors for 2022, and experts are leaning toward moody tones all around. Except for the #1 color, that is. Read on and see what we discovered.

5. Pensive Grays and Charcoals

Painting your home gray can lend an air of sophistication, and you’ll find a distinct variance within the gray-charcoal palette. Some have green undertones, like Benjamin Moore’s Deep River, while others have blue undertones, like their Ocean Floor.

For an even deeper, more affective presentation, consider their Soot or Sherwin-Williams’ Caviar.

No matter the direction you decide to go within the gray-charcoal range, painting your home some hue of gray will give it a solid appearance that represents balance and evokes trust in potential buyers. This will go a long way in capturing their interest and encouraging them toward making an offer.

4. Moody Blues

A darker blue like the one shown here—Benjamin Moore’s Stonecutter—technically considered a gray but listed here due to its obvious deep blue undertones, is a prime example of what we’ll be seeing this year.

If this is too dark for your sensibilities, consider Sherwin-Williams’ Dress Blues, an excellent choice for those who want to stay in the blue realm with a lighter, more calming emotional impact.

In the end, anything in the blue range will add a touch of depth and intrigue, a great way to encourage curiosity from potential buyers.

3. Versatile Greige

Is it gray? Is it beige? Actually, it’s both. Because of its mutability, depending on the degree of its base color and undertones, greige can fall in a variety of color categories. We thought we’d give this one its own position on the list because based on what we found, we’ll likely be seeing a lot of it in 2022, used in a variety of ways. Shown here is Benjamin Moore’s Elemental, a top pick for the year.

If you prefer something a bit more on the brown side, Sherwin-Williams’ Porpoise is a great option, as is their Anonymous, an interesting greige with a green undertone.

Striving to appeal to a broader section of buyers is never a bad thing. So think about what kind of curb appeal you want to elicit, and get creative with accent colors. With this one, imagine red doors, brown trim, or yellow-tinged companion colors.

2. Deep, Earthy, Muted Greens

Greens are expected to be near the top of the list this year, ranging from deep forest to earthy olive. This pallet is great for homes located in natural surroundings. Sherwin-Williams Olympic Range, shown below, will morph in appearance, depending on the accent colors you choose and the surface you put it on.

Other greens to consider are Sherwin-Williams Basil for its edgy elegance. Benjamin Moore also has October Mist for a nice, subtle mossy green.

Green of any hue calls up thoughts and feelings around growth and renewal. If you want potential buyers to get excited about a new beginning in your home, greens are a great way to go.

1. Refreshing Whites and Off-Whites

Believe it or not, whites and off-whites still reign supreme in terms of increasing home value and moving real estate, according Based on the Paint & Color Trends 2022 Report conducted by Fixr, 81% of interior design experts favor this simple, unassuming color range. It comes across as fresh and well-kept, and it gives potential buyers a clean-slate impression, allowing them to envision building the next chapter of their lives.

On the off-white side of the spectrum, Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster or Creamy take you to more ivory-cream hues, while their Extra White and Benjamin Moore’s White Dove will keep you on the bright side, but not blindingly so.

If plain white isn’t your thing, you can still stay within this color value and choose something like a light pewter to give potential buyers the same impression. Going with a lighter tone also gives you more freedom in the colors you choose for doors and trim. You can always keep it tame with black or brown accents, or liven the mood with a deep turquoise, forest green, or red.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing an Exterior Paint Color for Your Home

Of course, regardless of what the projections are for the year, you’ll want to consider your location and your neighborhood. Portland has a few neighborhoods with cultures that allow for—and even welcome—whimsical color choices. If you want to sell a home in one of these neighborhoods, you have a wider choice of options. If you live in a Portland neighborhood with a more classic vibe, it’s probably best to stick with the basics. It also helps to consider the architectural style of your home and find color schemes that fit the style and era of the home.

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June 1, 2022

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