Best Portland Neighborhoods to Work from Home

Whether telecommuting, running a business or consulting, more and more people across the US are working from home. According to the US Census, 5.2% of the labor force worked from home in 2017, up from 3.3% at the turn of the century. And Forbes reports that at least 50% of Americans work from home at least part of the time. 

As this trend emerges, so is the concept of the work-from-home city. Not surprisingly, the city at the heart of the Silicon Forest, Portland, is a leader of the pack. In fact, with 7.7% of Portland residents working from home, the city is No. 4 for remote workers among the top 50 metros, behind Raleigh, N.C., Austin, TX, and Denver.

It’s easy to see why workers who are not office-bound thrive in Portland. Not only is it a tech-forward place, but it’s also easy to take breaks, relax and find a community — the antidote to the sometimes overwhelming prospect of living where you work. 

Whether you work from home already or plan to do so when you move, it’s important to find a neighborhood that will cultivate a healthy work-from-home environment. Read on to discover our top picks for Portland neighborhoods that will make you love working from home. 

1. Downtown Portland

Although 78% of remote workers do stay at home to get the job done, an increasing number are seeing the benefits of stepping out, whether to a coffee shop or coworking space. Between Downtown Portland and the neighboring Pearl district, at least a half-dozen coworking hubs offer rentable office space, most focused around entrepreneurs and freelancers. Or, head to one of dozens of coffee shops and cafes offering free wi-fi. In addition, the Multnomah County Central Library, housed in a beautiful old Georgian building, is a popular downtown enclave for the laptop crowd.

2. Northwest/Nob Hill

Need downtown accessibility with a little more room to breathe? Northwest Portland — also known as Nob Hill — is the place to be. With plenty of shops and restaurant, but also a wider selection of housing choices, Northwest is more of a neighborhood and less of an all-business kind of place. That’s important, because 21% of remote workers report “loneliness” as the biggest challenge they face on the job. Not only is Northwest a great place to find community, getting out to stretch your legs is a breeze — the neighborhood is one of the best in Portland for pedestrian and cycling amenities. And, with many public transit options connecting Northwest to the rest of Portland, it’s easy to go out and meet with clients or run errands without having to get in a car. 

3. Buckman

A key character trait of most remote workers is an independent streak, and Southeast Portland embodies this spirit. Among the Southeast neighborhood gems, Buckman stands out for offering the best of all worlds — a more suburban feel, but with all the conveniences of having three bridges that connect to downtown. There are coworking spaces on this side of the river as well, and the ten-acre Lone Fir Cemetery is a favorite place to stroll. Overall, the culture in Buckman is much more eclectic, a place where Portland is definitely kept “weird” through public art, performances, and shops selling vintage and vinyl. Then again, the neighborhood is also an anchor-point for the new Portland Innovation Quadrant, slated for tech-startup-friendly development.  

4. Concordia

North Portland is considered the best place to live for a lifestyle that combines urban convenience with rural recreational opportunities, and Concordia is a great example. Getting out to the Columbia Gorge or the Snake River is easy, but so is walking around this charming neighborhood or taking in a lecture at Concordia University. Named on this real estate blog as one of the Top 10 Portland Neighborhoods of 2018, Concordia continues to be a popular place for people from all walks of life, from working professionals to families to retirees. In fact, it’s one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Portland, and a hotspot for the arts. 

5. Troutdale

For those who prefer to work in solitude, surrounded by nature, the Portland ‘burbs are the place to be. Far from the downtown hubub, but just 20 minutes from the Portland airport for easy travel throughout the region, Troutdale brings the great outdoors to your doorstep. Located just East of Portland along the Columbia Gorge, Troutdale offers work-from-homers access to hiking trails along the Sandy River as well as the Columbia Gorge. Studies have shown that having a view of some greenery reduces sick time and boosts productivity. And, inventors and artists have turned to nature to recharge and get inspiration for centuries — so why not try it as a telecommuter?

6. St. John’s

Similar to Troutdale, St. John’s offers a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities along the Columbia River, and it’s close to the 5,000-acre Forest Park. But unlike many Portland suburbs, St. John’s has its own identity, a distinctive history and a tight sense of community. There’s no shortage of things to do between projects or gigs in St. John’s, whether it’s exploring shops and restaurants or catching a live band. Getting downtown is easy in under a half-hour in the car; under an hour with public transit. 

7. Hillsboro

Just over the hill on the West side of Portland, this suburb grabbed headlines last year by announcing that it would become the biggest city in the state to build a publicly owned fiber-optic network. It’s also one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the Portland metro area, meaning that new homes are available here with affordable internet at lightning speeds. If that’s the kind of amenity you need in order to work from home effectively, Hillsboro is a great community to check out.

The most important quality of a Portland neighborhood in which to work from home, of course, is that you love it. Whether you’re ready to sell your current home in Portland and move to a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle, or if you’re new to the city and need some guidance, our team of real estate professionals is here to help. Contact us and begin your home search process today!

June 7, 2019

Stephen FitzMaurice

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