Deeds, Title, and Escrow

What is the difference between a deed and title? Who pays for title insurance and how much does it cost? What is escrow and who pays for it? Where does my earnest money go and how much is it?

There are many aspects of a real estate transaction most home buyers and sellers don’t deal with on a regular basis and at first will be unfamiliar to them.

To help with this process, Kami Price, our experienced buyers agent goes over the process with each new client (adjusting to their experience level) before they make their first offer, and Stephen FitzMaurice, top 1% sellers agent, also makes sure to present the seller’s closing costs before listing a home on the market and provides a closing estimate prior to the sale completion.

If you’re considering buying a home in the next twelve months, Kami Price, buyers specialist would love to hear what you’re looking for. Call today to set an appointment.

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Three Tips for Navigating the Escrow Process

March 14, 2016

Congratulations! You found the home you want to buy, or you found a buyer for the home you’re selling, the offer was accepted, and now the home is in escrow. Escrow is a period of time set by your lender so that certain conditions can be met for the home to close. The seller must complete their end of the bargain, for example by authorizing home inspections and final appraisal. Both parties must assemble mortgage paperwork and sign documents. There are a lot of variables and sometimes homes “fall out of escrow”, or fail to close for one reason or another. Having a great Portland real estate agent is crucial this phase of the home buying or selling process. Here’s...

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Earnest Money and Escrow: 10 Essential Facts

January 18, 2016

True or false? The earnest money and escrow process is easy to understand and makes total sense. False! If this topic has always given you a case of the yawns or left you scratching your head in bewilderment, you’re not alone. Even real estate experts at the Oregon Association of Realtors admit that the concept of offering up money as a guarantee of a home purchase contract is not the most logical practice. However, it is deeply ingrained in both real estate law across the U.S. and in standard real estate practices. The basic principal is twofold: 1. Earnest money shows the seller that the Portland buyer is serious about the contract (nothing makes things serious like laying a few...