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Portland school districts change

Portland School District Boundaries Changing

September 4, 2023

Fall 2023 Update. Location, location, location is the most important thing in real estate. For many Portland home buyers, this statement could be rephrased as “Good schools, great schools, and the best school for my child.” In Portland, the neighborhood you live in determines which schools your child or children will attend, so news that Portland Public Schools is changing is district boundaries is a game-changer (and may cause some anxiety). Out of Balance School Populations Lead to Changes PPS is the largest of six school districts within the Portland Metro Area. It serves 44,0000 at over 80 elementary, middle and high schools, but it says that enrollment at those schools has been out of balance for the past few...

5 Highly Rated Schools in Portland, Oregon

April 29, 2022

A deciding factor for many people when purchasing a home is the quality of schools in the area. In fact, school rankings strongly impact home values, and buyers have reported compromising on certain “must haves” when picking their next home, just to ensure their kids can attend the best schools possible. Portland has many highly ranked schools, and we’ve included some of them in our Top 10 Portland Neighborhood 2022 Report. How can you find information on Portland Schools? The internet is full of information, which can make it hard to sort out legitimate and helpful content. There are two often trusted sites for school rankings: Greatschools.org and the Oregon Department of Education, specifically the latter’s “At-A-Glance School and District...

Portland School Ratings Change Home Values

March 21, 2022

Updated 05/2023. Several considerations factor into buying a home, and local school districts might play a part in your decision-making process. The reason being: school rankings impact home values. New home buyers are sometimes confused about the difference between a home inspection and a home appraisal. An initial inspection is typically done to find any repairs that are necessary in order for a sale to go through. A home’s value is assessed and appraised both before listing and before the final sale. For more information on this, read our article on the differences between inspections and appraisals. While school rankings aren’t directly taken into account by appraisers and assessors, they do affect a home’s value. So, how does a school’s...

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The 5 Highest Rated K-8 Schools in Portland in 2021

April 2, 2021

As we’ve noted before, school rankings and performance have a tangible impact on real estate prices. Areas with high-performing schools will see more demand and therefore higher price tags. This is even more true today, in the age of the internet. More school information than ever is available at your fingertips. While what makes a good school is very subjective (data points won’t describe the dedication of a teaching staff, for example), having this information is a great way to get a feel for where to find great schools. Under the Fair Housing Act, Realtors can’t “steer” you towards a certain school district. These regulations are meant to prevent discrimination; real estate agents shouldn’t be pushing a client towards a...

How School Ratings Alter Portland Home Values in 2021

March 17, 2021

Whether you’re buying or selling, the school district of the home in question will inevitably come into play. A home’s value is assessed both prior to listing and prior to sale. For more information on this see our explanation of inspection versus appraisal. The long and short of it is: school ratings are murky territory. Schools don’t exactly get appraised the way a home does. But they do affect a home’s value. Let’s take a look at how that works and how you can better traverse the murky. 1. What Constitutes a High-Ranking School? First we’ll start off with the basics. What does a high-ranking school even mean? Well, that’s part of the problem. How a school becomes ranked isn’t...

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School Ratings Impact Home Values: 2020 Update

February 21, 2020

A lot of things matter when it comes to the final sale price of a home – its size, location, age, even energy efficiency. But one major influence we’ve seen emerging in the real estate market over recent years is school ratings. In 2020, home buyers and sellers alike need to be aware of how the schools near their home are rated, and how that rating can affect home values both now and in the future. Why School Ratings, Why Now? As real estate agents, we have to know and respond to market forces, even as we try to combat misconceptions about what makes a school, home or neighborhood desirable or undesirable. It’s difficult in the case of schools because...

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Top 5 Highest Rated Elementary Schools – Portland Metro 2020

February 10, 2020

Talk to five students attending any given school in the Portland area, and you’re likely to get five different answers to the question “Is this a good school?” The truth is, there are many factors impacting student performance in 2020, from teachers to administration, to the student’s own home life and level of interest.  On the other hand, there are schools that excel – and some that don’t – in measurable areas like graduation rates, student-to-teacher ratio, and staff turnover. While we can’t give a complete picture of what life is like in every school in the Portland metro area, what we’ve done here is gleaned the Top 5 public elementary schools, using two trusted online sources for school performance...

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Top 3 Portland Neighborhoods for Highly Rated Elementary Schools: 2020 Update

January 6, 2020

Research shows that home values near top-performing schools are valued higher, (whether that is a good or bad thing is not being discussed here, rather reporting that it is a reality) and 50% of buyers say they’ll pay more for a home if it’s near a desirable school. The Portland area is home to hundreds of schools, but not all perform equally. We’ve sorted through the highest rated public elementary schools in the city and matched them with their Portland neighborhood. 1. Southwest Hills The schools: Ainsworth Elementary has a long history in Portland, going back to 1914. The three-story brick building is local landmark, and the school has a robust music and art program as well as a Spanish Immersion...

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Portland School Ratings Change Portland Home Values

January 18, 2019

School performance is emerging as a top influencer for real estate markets across the country, and it’s just as true in Portland. Every parent wants to give their child the best possible education, and for many, living near a highly rated school is the way to do that. You may strongly agree or disagree, but it is impacting home values across the country and here in Portland. What about home buyers who don’t have children, who simply want to make the best real estate investment? Research shows that where school performance excels, so do real estate values.  A 2013 National Association of Realtors survey found that 91% of buyers pay attention to school district boundaries when they’re searching for a...

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4 Portland Neighborhoods with Highly Rated Schools, 2018

December 22, 2017

Every Portland home shopper has their own unique set of criteria, from the number of bedrooms to architectural style; from green home features to public transit. However, as a real estate agent, I often get asked the question, “How are the schools rated in this neighborhood?” Families moving to Portland and surrounding communities often feel like they must make the difficult choice between the perfect home and perfect school district, so the first thing I tell them is “Your child can succeed in any Portland school.” It’s true! School rankings, test scores, and student feedback can be helpful, but school administrators and parents across the country agree: parent and student involvement is the top indicator of success. Some Portland metro...