Portland Home Types and Reports

We analyze different types and statuses of homes to determine which sell for more and which sell for less. We create reports on single-level homes, homes with ADUS, FSBO homes, vacant or occupied homes, and more. We also give history and additional information on different types of Portland homes.

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What Sells a Home: Vacant, Seller, or Tenant Occupied?

September 1, 2020

2020 Real Estate Market Update. You’re getting ready to sell your home and you wonder, should I move out and vacate the property for the real estate market, or should I stay and not worry about it? Or let’s say you’re getting ready to sell your investment property with tenant inside. Should you wait until they leave to put it on the real estate market, or is it better to sell with a tenant inside? A lot of articles we write might have a 10% – 15% impact on selling a home, such as picking the right time of year to buy or sell. Even a 10% difference in being able to sell a home is huge. But occupancy, who...

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Single Level Homes Sell Faster and for More in Portland – 2020 Report

June 12, 2020

Portland homes come in a dazzling array of styles and layouts, from historic Craftsman bungalows to zero-energy modern homes. But recent sales data makes it pretty clear that Portland home buyers have an architectural favorite: It’s the humble single-level home, also known as ranch style. Singe Level Homes Sell for 19% More per Sq. Ft. According to the most recent RMLS statistics (June 2020), single level homes sold for an average of $289 per square foot, compared to just $235 per square foot for homes with two stories or more (looking at all home sales under 1 million in the previous four months). Single Level Homes Sell 25% Faster Single-level homes also sold more quickly than multi-levels: 36 days on...

What Sells Better: Vacant, Seller, or Tenant Occupied Homes? – 2019 Update

May 10, 2019

Any good real estate agent in Portland will tell you vacant homes sell best (staged or not), followed by seller occupied, and then in last place – tenant occupied homes. But the numbers are so drastic, especially from first to third place, it might surprise you. When you look at these numbers year over year it also gives key insight into the entire Portland real estate market as a whole. Process used: I’m researching this element of the Portland real estate market using data from our local MLS, the RMLS, looking at sold homes from 6 months ago to the writing of this article 5/9/19. My target area is the city of Portland proper and the homes I’m using are...

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What Sells Better: Vacant, Seller, or Tenant Occupied Homes? 2018 Update

April 23, 2018

As an experienced Portland real estate agent I can tell you that vacant properties (staged or not) sell better than any other status of residential homes in the Portland Metro area. This is followed by seller occupied homes, and dead last is tenant occupied homes. I’m going to give you the full Portland real estate market statistics in this article with some explanation. Numbers are from RMLS, Regional Multiple Listing Service, using all detached residential homes listed for sale in the last six month prior to 4-23-2018. Vacant Portland Homes In the last six months in the Portland real estate market, 2839 vacant homes were listed for sale. Of those, 2221 sold. This means 78% of these properties sold, and...

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What Sells Better: Vacant, Seller, or Tenant Occupied Homes?

April 17, 2017

If you asked any experienced real estate agent, they will most likely tell you that vacant homes sell the best, followed by seller occupied, and then tenant occupied. I also know from my own experience that this is generally true, but I couldn’t find any hard data. So I did the research myself! I ran the data in RMLS for all the Portland (city proper) detached homes that have been put up for sale in the last six months (prior to 4/14/2017). Vacant Portland Homes In the last six months in Portland, 2240 vacant homes were listed for sale. Of those 2240 vacant homes, 1842 actually sold. This gives us a 83% success rate and a 17% failure rate. 17%...