Septic Sells for More than Sewer Reports

septic vs sewer home value report

Septic System vs. Public Sewer Home Value Impact, 2022 Report

July 8, 2022

When we think about buying a home, our immediate thoughts usually lead to curb appeal, square footage, number of rooms, lot size, and a long list of other wants and needs to meet our individual tastes and lifestyles. We even give thought to structural integrity—like the age and quality of the roof and condition of the foundation—as well as HVAC systems, when thinking about energy efficiency. Another not so fun or exciting, but essential, facet of home ownership is knowing about a home’s private septic or public sewage system. If your home or the one you want to buy is within city limits, chances are you’re on a public sewer system (not always). On the other hand, homes in more...