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Portland Homes with ADUs Sell for 8% More – 2022 Report

November 26, 2021

When most people think of adding an ADU to their property, they immediately think of rental income potential. Or maybe they simply want extra living quarters for a family member or for frequent guests. While having the ability to add more space and generate income is a bonus, did you know that having an ADU on your property also increases future resale potential an adds value to your overall property? Finding a Home for Sale with Additional Living Quarters is Easier than Ever Thanks to our patent-pending technology, Portlanders can search for homes that have ADUs on a dynamic real estate map. Our software indexes every word written about every property for sale in our local MLS, RMLS, and then...

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Portland ADU Guide, 2022. Two Per Lot and Less Restrictions

September 24, 2021

Now that Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are allowed in every city in Oregon, Portland will likely see an influx of home additions and new ADU construction, especially with the passing of the city’s Residential Infill Project (RIP) that went into effect this August 2021. If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding an ADU to your property, the new ADU guidelines will make it easier than ever before. Use the link to see the new 2021 official ADU rules. It is only six pages long, but packed with all the necessary information to get started. Additional Dwelling Units can enable you house a family member or make steady passive income, and you’ll also help manage Portland’s density problem. Two...

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Portland ADU, Additional Dwelling Unit Guide 2021

October 16, 2020

Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, are a popular form of housing in Portland. They can be created in a variety of spaces, from a converted garage or basement to a new structure in the backyard. For some homeowners, they’re the secret to home affordability in the metro area, while for others, they create a vital space for a family member or aging in place.  Whatever the case, the good news is that ADUs are now allowed in every city in Oregon. In this article, we’ll dive into the types of ADUs we typically see in and around the Portland metro area, how you can use them, and what the regulations are for the different cities and counties that make up...

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Basement ADUs: 2020 Portland Guide

February 28, 2020

For many Portland homeowners, having an Accessory Dwelling Unit might be the ticket to affordability, renting out a second unit on your property. Or, an ADU might allow you to take care of an aging relative, or simply create housing out of what was unused space.  Most people think of a backyard cottage when they think of an ADU, but in fact, many Portland homeowners have legal ADU potential right under their feet: in the basement! Now that Portland has updated its zoning rules to allow for ADUs on most city lots, 2020 may be your year to build a basement ADU. But before you start picking out wall colors and furnishings, there are four essential questions you must ask...

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Basement ADUs in Portland, 10 Things to Know

July 26, 2019

How many unfinished basements are there in Portland? As a top local Portland real estate agent, I can say with confidence – thousands! Many of those are perfect candidates for a basement ADU. Accessory Dwelling Units are of interest to Portland home buyers and home owners alike because of their potential to offset the high costs of owning a home in Portland. With the trend toward rezoning vast areas of the city to allow for higher density housing, the ADU option is looking better than ever before.  Those without big backyards in which to build the traditional stand alone ADU can still participate. ADUs inside the home, built in an attic over a garage, or down in the basement are...

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2019 ADU Guide – Portland Real Estate

March 4, 2019

Thinking about adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit to your Portland home? Shopping for a home or real estate investment where adding an ADU might be feasible? Read on for these answers and more. ADUs on the Rise in Portland ADUs — also known as backyard cottages, mother-in-law units, granny flats or, simply, studio apartments — have been around a long time, but they’re gaining in popularity.  According to a recent Citylab article, about 70 percent of Portland is zoned for single-family housing. ADUs are stepping up to fill the gap, “popping up faster here than anywhere else in the U.S., with the city issuing building permits for about one unit per day in 2016.” In 2018, a whopping 660 ADU...

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2019 Portland ADU Guide – Additional Dwelling Units, How To

August 10, 2018

The movement to accessorize Portland with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) is growing. Portland is now one of the “friendliest” places in the United States to build an ADU, defined as a self-contained living space — whether detached in the backyard or incorporated into the existing building footprint. Why are ADUs so hot in Portland? Portland has garnered some national attention for the rate at which accessory dwelling units are popping up, and of course social media is full of them because they tend to be cute and attractive! For more practical reasons, ADUs appeal to homeowners because: they offer the potential for homeowners to age in place by moving into a one-level flat they can be a source of housing...

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ADUs Relieve Pressure on Portland Housing Market

April 20, 2015

Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, are really taking off in Portland. It’s not just Portland real estate agents who are taking notice. In some high-density Portland neighborhoods, these tiny houses make up 10-15% of dwelling units, according to BikePortland.org. Over 200 new ADU permits were issued in 2014 alone. Part of the explosion is due to the fact that the city is waiving building permit fees for these structures through July of 2016. Still, why would a homeowner pay up to $100,000 to build a structure of less than 800 square feet in their backyard? There are several reasons: 
 – Increase your property value and attract buyers with an extra space they could use as a studio, spare bedroom,...