Portland Zoning Changes RIP

Portland, Oregon has enacted some of the most aggressive, dense zoning changes in the country, starting with the residential infill project, RIP, which has now been updated and called RIP2.

Despite these aggressive zoning updates, new home construction in Portland has not yet increased, likely due to market conditions. Time will tell if these zoning changes will have their desired effect (increased density within city limits).

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RIP2 Portland Residential Infill Project Update

August 1, 2022

In our recent article, Top 5 Portland Real Estate Market News Stories so Far 2022, we touched on the most recent update on the Portland Residential Infill Project (RIP1): the development and implementation of RIP2. Portland’s residential infill project, in addition to new home construction rates, and updated ADU (additional dwelling unit) guidelines, help us understand whether or not Portland’s housing supply will increase enough (or not enough) to meet housing demand over time. Here, we’re delving deeper into the expansion of Portland’s new zoning, RIP2, that will allow the construction of multiple additional dwelling units (ADUs) on single-family lots with fewer restrictions. In June, 2022 RIP2 passed and is in effect throughout Portland, Oregon. First, let’s look at what...

portland real estate house types

Portland’s Housing Supply: What Kind, Where? 2022 Report

June 22, 2022

The continuing real estate topic at the forefront of everyone’s focus is the shortage of single-family homes. And not just in Portland, but across the entire country. Demand will likely remain high (at least for single family detached homes) while the real estate market slows down. New construction has slowed significantly for both single-family and multi-family housing, due to supply chain issues and a shortage of laborers (and more recently due to increased borrowing costs). Curious about what Portland’s housing supply will look like in the future? How single-family homes and multiple unit dwellings will shake out? And what about homeowners versus renters? We reviewed the numbers from the past decade, the current numbers, and new legislation to see what...

portland adu guide

Portland ADU Guide, 2022. Two Per Lot and Less Restrictions

September 24, 2021

Now that Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are allowed in every city in Oregon, Portland will likely see an influx of home additions and new ADU construction, especially with the passing of the city’s Residential Infill Project (RIP) that went into effect this August 2021. If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding an ADU to your property, the new ADU guidelines will make it easier than ever before. Use the link to see the new 2021 official ADU rules. It is only six pages long, but packed with all the necessary information to get started. Additional Dwelling Units can enable you house a family member or make steady passive income, and you’ll also help manage Portland’s density problem. Two...

portland real estate density infill

A 6,000 Square Foot, 35 Foot High, Six-Plex can be built next to Your Portland Home.

September 13, 2021

The Portland residential infill project is now live. The high density Portland plan went into effect August 1st, 2021. Initial public comments on the revolutionary, highly contested plan exceeded 15,000. The details of the plan are so extensive, the City of Portland has assigned a dedicated phone number and email for it, and the RIP PDF manual is nearly 300 pages long. Portland Residential Infill Project Map Most of Portland city proper is affected by the RIP plan and most areas will allow a 6,000 sq. ft. Six-plex to be built next to your Portland home. These huge buildings won’t be restricted to busy streets or street corners. One can expect to see them pop up next to any home...

portland housing supply forecast

Portland Housing Supply: Here’s What the Future Looks Like

July 5, 2021

All year we’ve been covering the big real estate story of the pandemic: the lack of single family homes. With inventory at an all time low, and demand through the roof, it’s only a matter of time before buyers begin considering other options – not to mention developers. Now, the current situation in Portland’s housing supply can be at least partly explained by the pandemic. But with no sign of demand abating, we can also assume that the need for more homes won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Given these conditions, then, what does the future of Portland’s housing supply look like? In the long term, how will single family homes fare versus multiple unit dwellings? What about owners versus renters?...

portland real estate zoning changes

Starting 2021, a Six Plex can be built next to any Portland Home.

November 9, 2020

Travel back in time to Portland 150 years ago, and you’d see a housing mix that is different from today’s suburban, single-family-home-dominated neighborhoods. There were garden houses, rowhouses, courtyard apartments and cottages. Density was higher, and nobody needed parking because they used the Portland streetcar to get around (plus cars hadn’t been invented).  This vision has inspired a piece of legislation five years in the making: the Residential Infill Project. The goal of RIP, as it is known around Portland, is to reconstruct that higher-density time in Portland’s housing mix, in a contemporary way. The idea isn’t to strip away all zoning rules and create a housing free-for-all. In fact, RIP received a record-setting 15,000 public comments as it moved through...

portland real estate zoning changes

The End of Portland Single Family Zoning

September 30, 2019

In late June, 2019, the Oregon State Legislature passed a bill that requires cities to allow homeowners and real estate developers to add housing units where the demand is highest. How does this affect the zoning changes already developed by Portland’s Residential Infill project? And how will it affect the look and feel of Portland neighborhoods? HB 2001 and Portland Real Estate The new bill, HB 2001, requires Oregon cities of more than 10,000 to allow “missing middle” housing types to be built in all residential zones. In other words, it eliminates single-family-only housing zones, mandating that cities permit duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and additional accessory dwelling units to also be built in these zones.  This new law affects Portland as...