Portland Mold Problems

Portland, Oregon’s wet climate leads to home mold problems. Mold is often found during the home inspection in places the homeowner might typically not visit, like the attic, crawlspace, or even inside the walls. Most home inspectors in Portland use moisture readers as part of their process. However, mold is very treatable and there are many low cost remedies, especially if the growth is caught early.

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Test for Portland Mold, Home Inspection Tips

October 23, 2023

An unmistakably mold-stained wall, ceiling, or shower stall ranks among the least appealing sights in any home, let alone one you’re shopping on the red-hot Portland real estate market. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to identify and test for mold, how to clean it up, and how to hopefully mitigate some of the specific root causes of the issue to prevent future growth — all in the interest of safeguarding your well-being and presenting your home for sale in the best possible light! Introducing Portland Mold Molds refer to a widespread and incredibly diverse group of fungi that comprises anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands of species. We tend to have a negative connotation of mold,...

Portland Home Mold Inspection, How to Test 2022

July 13, 2022

Mold is something we all contend with here in Portland, no matter where we live or the ages of our homes. Of course, mold occurs in varying degrees and can be more prevalent in some homes than others, especially if left unchecked and untreated. But the truth is, mold is everywhere. Microscopic mold spores travel through the air and because they love moisture, they thrive here in Portland. One of your tasks as a homeowner is to keep mold at bay to prevent damage to your home and reduce health risks. In many cases, mold can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution and cloth—for example on the grout in your shower. In other cases, mold can become pervasive enough...

How to Test your Home for Mold: 2021 Update

July 16, 2021

Think your Portland home might have mold? Well, you’d be correct – but don’t panic! Airborne mold exists just about everywhere. And since mold loves moisture, it also loves Portland. The trick is that mold spores float through the air looking for a wet place to land and grow. If you keep those wet spots out of your home, the mold won’t grow there. But we all know that can be a hard thing to do! Most of the time, a little mold in the bathroom is a quick cleaning job. Sometimes, though, a more pervasive moldy area becomes what we call a mold growth problem. We’re not talking toxic black mold, which thankfully doesn’t grow here. But you could...

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How to Test Your Portland Home for Mold: 2020 Update

July 13, 2020

Portland homeowners: Is your home harboring mold?  That was a trick question because mold occurs just about everywhere on the planet, including homes in Portland, Oregon. Invisible, or “ambient” mold spores float on the air waiting for an appropriate place to land and form the green, black and blue colonies we’re all familiar with.  The real question is, not whether there’s mold in your house, but if you have a mold growth problem. If you do, there’s probably an underlying issue that should be addressed. But what about toxic black mold? Thankfully, this strain of mold is not very common, and is rarely found in Portland homes. According to the CDC, “All molds should be treated the same with respect...