Portland Radon Maps and Updates

Radon is a killer odorless, invasive gas that comes up from the ground. Parts of Portland, Oregon have naturally high levels of radon. Radon risk is especially high in lived-in basements or any underground parts of the home. Radon has killed numerous times in the PNW and now is part of most home inspections. If necessary, radon mitigation solutions are often relatively inexpensive.

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Portland, Oregon Radon Map 2023 Update

September 12, 2022

There are a variety of home hazards Portland homeowners need to be aware of, especially when selling. In addition to earthquakes and landslides, mold, and flooding, radon should be at the top of your list for items to check when you’re preparing to put your home on the market (or when buying a new home). Honestly, it’s a good idea to check radon levels in your home whether selling or not, as they change regularly. This is especially true if any of the living area in the home is below ground. The reason for fluctuating radon readings in any given area is that radon levels can be affected by a number of things, like wind, ground pressure, shifting soil, cold...

2021 Radon Guide: How and Why to Test a Portland Home

May 24, 2021

If you’ve bought or sold a home (or intend to) any time recently, chances are you’ve heard something about radon testing. And for good reason. Radon testing is increasingly becoming a standard issue in real estate transactions, alongside other hazards like flood zones or seismic retrofitting. But why is it important, and do you need to have your home tested? To answer these questions and more, we’ll walk you through the basics of the dangers of radon, how to test for it, and what to do if your home tests highly. Say goodbye to feeling in the dark on this subject! Our essential guide lays out everything you need to understand radon risks and radon testing. What Is Radon, and...

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Portland Radon Map – 2020 Update, Plus Free Tests (for some)

June 1, 2020

Portland Radon rates change. A perennial hot topic in Portland is the influx of Californians, but it’s really the Montana and Idaho migrants that we should be worried about, according to health officials. Actually, they’re not talking about people, but rocks. “In the Portland metropolitan area, a lot of the rocks and soil underneath the Willamette Valley were carried down from parts of Idaho and Montana,” said an Oregon Health Authority official quoted by OPB. These long-ago geological travelers carry radon, a radioactive gas that is drawn into homes and buildings, leading to cancer and other health issues.  As real estate agents, we do a lot of education about the risks of radon and the importance of testing, and in...

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Portland Radon Map and other Hazards – 2019 Update

July 5, 2019

When it comes to choosing a home to buy in Portland — or anywhere — it’s all about location. Is it near a good school? What’s the neighborhood like? Can you see Mt. Hood?  There’s an aspect of location that most people don’t think about right away, but should be just as important in the decision-making process: The home’s proximity to natural hazards.  You might be thinking: Natural hazards? Portland? It’s true — Portland’s climate is mild, we do have a volcano in city limits but it’s very dormant, and overall this is a pretty safe place to live. On the other hand, there are some serious risks that home buyers — and owners — should take into consideration. Some,...

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16 Reasons to Test for Radon in 2018

March 9, 2018

Why test for radon? If you are buying or selling a home in Portland this year, make sure it has a recent radon test. Here are 16 reasons why, updated for 2018! Radon is sneaky. Radon gas comes from underground uranium (which is what gives radon its radioactive properties). Sometimes the gas stays underground, but depending on the geology under your home, it can find its way out. Radon is a one-atom gas, meaning it can find its way through almost any barrier. You never know until you test. Radon is a radioactive gas, invisible and odorless. You can’t see it, smell it or taste it. Testing, whether with a do-it-yourself kit or through a professional detection contractor, is the...

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Portland Radon Map – 2017 Update

May 19, 2017

The new Portland Radon Map for 2017 is out – and it’s now interactive! Click on the link to head over to the radon map, where you can click around Oregon and Portland to find the risk for radon in any zip code that has had enough tests done. Top 6 things to know about radon gas Radon is a gas that is naturally occurring in the ground. It typically seeps into the home from the basement and makes its way through the rest of the house from there. Radon is dangerous! According to The Oregon Public Health Division, 276 radon-related lung cancer deaths happen each year state-wide. This is typically due to the radon gas causing cancer that leads...

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Portland Radon – New Map 2015

March 25, 2015

As home shoppers tour your home with their buyer’s agent, they’re probably thinking about how big the bedrooms are, whether the kitchen appliances are updated, and how many people can fit on the back deck. What they might not know to ask is, “What’s the radon level like here?” That’s because radon is invisible and odorless, and is one of those things that home buyers expect to be taken care of before they close on a home. Even though many Portland neighborhoods have been rated at high levels of exposure to radon, a cancer-causing but naturally occurring gas, mitigation is usually simple and it shouldn’t impact your home value. Running radon tests well before you list your home with a...

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Portland Home Tests: Radon Gas

May 14, 2014

What’s invisible, odorless, creeps in your basement, and kills 21,000 people a year in the US alone according to the EPA? The answer is radon gas, and to be more specific, it comes from naturally occurring uranium in the rocks and soil underneath homes, including many in the Portland, Oregon area. And homes without basements can have a radon problem, although it is less likely. Pro tip: If your Portland home is on a crawlspace, be sure that all the crawlspace vents are open and not blocked with debris. If the crawlspace is open and well ventilated the chances of failing a Radon test drop to nearly zero in the Portland area. Here’s what you need to know: Radon gas...

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Portland Oregon Radon Map 2013

March 21, 2013

As a Portland real estate agent I’ve noticed that Radon testing is a growing trend, it has become more and more popular to test every home for Radon levels in the greater Portland Metro Area. It seems these days you can hardly find a home inspector that does not also include a Radon test option (for more money of course). I do not expect this trend to go away. If you are selling a Portland home you can expect the buyer will most likely test your home for Radon levels! It is to your advantage to be prepared and perhaps conduct the test ahead of time so you know what you’re dealing with. (Surprises are never good for real estate...