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Landlord laws in Portland, Oregon are extensive and constantly changing. We report on these changes and give researched articles on how to sell a property with a tenant inside (and whether or not it is a good idea to do so).

Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor licensed since 2003, has extensive experience in selling multifamily and rental housing. His team is not only a part of the various local MLS and Realtor associations, but is a member of Costar and he features his client’s investment properties on Loopnet and other prominent commercial portals.

If you’re thinking of selling a multifamily or rental unit in the next twelve months, Stephen would love to talk with you and potentially setup a tour. Call today to set an appointment.

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If you’re considering purchasing a multifamily plex or rental home in the next twelve months, Kami Price, buyers specialist would love to hear what you’re looking for. Call today to set an appointment.

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Portland, Oregon Rental Law Changes into 2024

Investing in a rental property can be incredibly rewarding, bringing with it the benefits of reliable income and financial freedom. But it requires careful preparation and education to to be successful as a landlord and ensure a return on your investment. There are many factors to consider, and with this article we hope to shed […]

Portland, Oregon Rental Law Changes into 2023

Becoming a landlord means setting yourself up to increase your monthly income and build wealth over time so you and retire with the comfort of financial security. Being a landlord can create a kind of freedom in your life that allows for more time with family and friends and doing what you love. Of course, […]

Portland Rental Law: What Landlords should Know in 2021

The Portland real estate rental market was pretty eventful for rental owners in Portland in 2020. For long-term rental/investment property owners, the contentious FAIR ordinance went into effect city-wide in March, but was soon overshadowed by COVID and the subsequent ban on evictions. Short-term property owners saw a dip in bookings as well, but the […]

Portland Rental Laws: 2020 Game-Changers

Right around $2,000/month: That’s what the median renter pays in the Portland metro area, according to Zillow. For those looking to buy an investment property, that might sound like a pretty nice number. Of course, those who do their research on renting out a home in Portland will soon find that it’s not as simple […]

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Stephen was just simply a fantastic realtor to work with in selling our home. If we had another 50 properties to sell, Stephen would be in charge of all of them. He was so professional in handling every detail of our sale, and he was so responsive to every question that came up in the course of our transaction. My wife and I are very thankful that we found Stephen.