Selling a Home with a Tenant Inside

The larger the multifamily property is, the more important it becomes for the units to be rented out at the time of sale. But when considering duplexes or detached single-family homes, it is more advisable to vacate the property prior to going on the market.

We provide the research for you here, the statistics on selling a home with a tenant inside, vacant, or seller occupied.

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Updated Feb. 2023 Selling a tenant occupied home has never been trickier. A landlord must be aware of constantly changing local regulations, whether it be state, county, or city and at the same time keep an eye on federal regulations. All of the above governmental agencies can override any existing lease between the homeowner and […]

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What Sells Better: Vacant, Seller, or Tenant Occupied Homes?

If you asked any experienced real estate agent, they will most likely tell you that vacant homes sell the best, followed by seller occupied, and then tenant occupied. I also know from my own experience that this is generally true, but I couldn’t find any hard data. So I did the research myself! I ran […]

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