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Portland, Oregon is an amazing place with distinct neighborhoods and suburbs, each with its own attractions and culture. We love our town! We enjoy writing about these unique spots, offering relocation tips and providing stats on Portland neighborhoods and suburb growth, development, schools, and more.

west linn real estate

10 Things You Didn’t Know About West Linn, Oregon

March 22, 2019

Among Portland, Oregon suburbs, West Linn is not the flashiest. It’s not known for its shopping malls or tech companies. Well south of the Portland hubbub along the Willamette River, it features quiet neighborhoods, plenty of parks and great schools (not to forget a few excellent shops and restaurants). Here are ten other things you might not know about West Linn: It’s one of the oldest American settlements in Oregon. Settlers first occupied the area beginning in the 1840s, finding the ease of access to the waterfalls on the river irresistible for industry. They built lumber and flour mills and ran a ferry across the water to Oregon City. The Willamette Locks were built in 1868 to provide commercial shipping...

eliot neighborhood portland

The Eliot Neighborhood in Portland – 5 Things to Know

January 21, 2019

Portland locals know the inner East Portland neighborhood of Eliot as the site of the former city of Albina. Incorporated into Portland in 1891, Albina was home to much of the area’s black and immigrant population, and that diversity is still reflected today. Amongst stately Victorian mansions you’ll find signature Portland craftsman-style homes and newer condominiums. Homes aren’t all you’ll find in Eliot; read on to learn about five things that make this neighborhood unique, even for Portland.   It’s edible. Eliot’s Albina Cooperative Garden is the largest urban farm within Portland city limits! The Garden is a haven for city-dwellers, growing produce through volunteer effort and providing a beautiful green space even for those who don’t care to get...

top 5 portland neighborhoods 2019

Top 5 Portland Neighborhoods for 2019

January 14, 2019

It’s time to take a look at which Portland neighborhoods are up-and-coming in 2019! They couldn’t be more different, but these Portland communities are similar in that they are changing rapidly. Like the city as a whole, they’re adding new residents and working hard to integrate past, present, and future. Whether you’re looking for a new condo in a hip district or a nice older home in a quiet neighborhood, Portland has something for you. Located in Northwest Portland near the trendy neighborhoods of Pearl District and Nob Hill, this former industrial area made headlines this year for its rapid transformation. Real estate that was once the site of empty warehouses and parking lots sprouted housing and retail options. A...

portland neighborhood conflict

Portland Neighborhood Conflict Resolution, Home Buyers or Sellers

October 29, 2018

New homes come with new sounds in the night, new appliances to figure out and a new trash pickup schedule to remember. For many home buyers, however, the biggest adjustment to make may be with your neighbors. Every neighborhood has its own set of unwritten rules, but there is only one Portland City Code (or applicable city/county code for your area). In addition, if your home or condo is part of a Homeowners Association (there are 70+ in Portland alone!), there may be other restrictions that affect your property. Let’s take a look at what some of the most common challenges are for neighbors in the Portland metro area, and where to turn for help. Keep in mind that we...

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Portland Real Estate – Most Livable Areas and Suburbs

September 24, 2018

“Livability” may sound like another real estate buzzword, designed to drive home buyers to new housing developments, but it’s actually a useful concept if you’re looking for a Portland neighborhood or suburb to call home. Livability can describe ease of getting to and from work, the local air quality, or school district ratings. Simply put, livability is whatever makes a community appealing — the “thing” that helps it stand out from the pack. Of course, that “thing” is going to be different for everyone, but there are some common threads. Going beyond the questions that real estate agents usually get asked — “How are the schools?”, “Are they going to fix this street?” — livability addresses deeper issues that matter...

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Which Portland Suburbs are Growing the Fastest?

August 13, 2018

Portland Population Growth The fastest-growing city in the Portland metro area is – surprise – not Portland! According to the U.S. Census Bureau, since 2010, the city has added 60,000 new residents, giving it a growth rate of 10%. (That Portland population explosion has slowed down significantly in 2017 and even more so in 2018, but for years Portland was on the top charts for growth.) Portland beats out other cities in Oregon for sheer numbers, but that’s just a fifth of the rate of Oregon’s fastest-growing city: Happy Valley. Here’s your guide to the boomtowns of Portland. Happy Valley Population Growth This idyllic-sounding city to the southeast of Portland has grown a whopping 1,215 percent since 1990! (The entire...

Portland max line expansion

Portland’s next Max Line and Car Free Neighborhoods

May 21, 2018

We all know the real estate agent saying about “location”, but there’s no location without transportation. To some, good transportation means getting to work, schools, shopping, and restaurants easily; for others, it’s about getting out of the city without a hassle. While few can dispute the convenience of the private automobile, other forms of transportation are often faster, less expensive, and healthier for people and the planet. In Portland, car-free or car-lite lifestyles are a high priority. Walkers, bicyclists, and public transit riders have plenty of options across the city. Portland Commute Times If you’re looking to buy a home in Portland a short commute time is important to you, there’s some very good news from the U.S. Census. According...

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Top 5 – Most Affordable – Portland Suburbs

March 5, 2018

Portland has never been a better place to live and work. Our schools, parks, transportation and homes are top-notch — but the one downside is that affordability has suffered. An influx of new residents combined with a slow construction industry means that the typical home value is tens of thousands of dollars more than what it was just five years ago. The median home price in Portland is now up to $438,000, or $246 per square foot. What is the first-time home buyer to do? Get savvy. There are plenty of suburbs, pocket neighborhoods and outlying cities close to Portland, with home values that are within reach. Homeowners here report similar or better quality of life without the urban congestion,...

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Portland Real Estate Wildlife

January 3, 2018

Portland: Yes, it’s a city in Oregon, but just because it’s urban doesn’t mean it can’t be wild. If you’re a new homeowner — or you’re thinking of buying a home in Portland — you may be surprised to learn that there are over 300 species living within city limits! Some may call your back yard, front garden or neighborhood park home. Read on to get to know the neighbors. Portland Birds Birds are a delight to everyone, whether you’re a dedicated bird-watcher or just enjoy seeing them flutter outside your window. Songbirds are abundant across Portland, but if they’re not as common in your neighborhood, putting up a bird feeder or bird house may not instantly draw them in....

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4 Portland Neighborhoods with Highly Rated Schools, 2018

December 22, 2017

Every Portland home shopper has their own unique set of criteria, from the number of bedrooms to architectural style; from green home features to public transit. However, as a real estate agent, I often get asked the question, “How are the schools rated in this neighborhood?” Families moving to Portland and surrounding communities often feel like they must make the difficult choice between the perfect home and perfect school district, so the first thing I tell them is “Your child can succeed in any Portland school.” It’s true! School rankings, test scores, and student feedback can be helpful, but school administrators and parents across the country agree: parent and student involvement is the top indicator of success. Some Portland metro...