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Portland, Oregon is an amazing place with distinct neighborhoods and suburbs, each with its own attractions and culture. We love our town! We enjoy writing about these unique spots, offering relocation tips and providing stats on Portland neighborhoods and suburb growth, development, schools, and more.

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Top 10 Portland Neighborhoods in 2018

November 27, 2017

Portland has a dizzying variety of neighborhoods to pick from. The good news is, it’s hard to go wrong. Each has a distinctive personality and features that draw different types of home buyer. Yet, no matter where you end up in Portland, it won’t take long to feel at home. Here are my Portland real estate agent top ten Portland neighborhoods for 2018. Sellwood Neighborhood Riverside living at its best Originally established as a mill town to the Southeast of Portland, Sellwood grew to a comfortable size before becoming a neighborhood of the larger city. Still, Sellwood maintains a distinct identity and a small-town feel while being within minutes of downtown Portland. Home buyers here are attracted to the extensive...

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Portland’s Top Neighborhood Parks – and Upcoming!

November 10, 2017

What makes a good park? For some, it’s the highlighting of historical and geologic features, for others, it’s the raw and unadulterated experience of nature. Portland parks also incorporate cultural events and stages, zoos and museums, special plantings like Japanese Gardens and Rose Gardens, and interactive elements like the giant chessboard downtown! For most Portlanders, the most important feature of a park is that it’s not too far away. As in real estate, location can make or break a park! Fortunately, it’s all relative, and Portland Parks and Recreation works hard to ensure that there are parks in every neighborhood. Here are some of our favorite Portland parks, and a guide to their surrounding neighborhoods. Washington Park: Family Friendly In...

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New Grants Empowering Portland Neighborhoods

September 18, 2017

How many cities can say they have an art museum in an elementary school, a bridge pedestrians are proud to use because it’s so gorgeous, and cultural events that help heal the wounds of gentrification? Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Portland residents, with funding from Metro, the regional governing agency, the Portland metro area will soon be able to boast all of these things. Enhancing Safety and Community on Outer Division According to Metro, Southeast Division Street, from 82nd Avenue to 174th Avenue at the east end of Portland, is one of the most dangerous streets in Portland. Three pedestrians have been killed by drivers while crossing the street in this area, despite the existence of a pedestrian bridge....

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Research Portland Neighborhoods like a Pro

April 21, 2017

Home buyers often find themselves in a catch-22. They want to buy a home in a neighborhood they love, but how will they know they love it until they’ve lived there? It’s a real problem, considering that there are 95 different neighborhoods in the city of Portland alone, each lying within one of the five major quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, Southeast and North Portland. (The Willamette River divides the east and west of the city, while Burnside Avenue divides the city north and south.) On top of that, Portland has many suburbs and unincorporated communities that our real estate team covers as well. Where should you get started? Online is simplest and you avoid traffic! After some preliminary research you...

Portland Neighborhood Guide: Alameda

February 22, 2017

The Alameda neighborhood is very desirable with gorgeous old architecture, great schools, and an abundance of nearby local establishments to explore. Located in inner northeast Portland between the Beaumont and Sabin neighborhoods, Alameda has something to offer for the whole family. Tree-lined streets, nearby local shops and coffee houses, and a high level of community involvement are just a few of the neighborhood’s characteristics driving people to settle down here. Alameda’s close proximity to downtown, easy access to local transportation and beautiful views offer residents a variety of opportunities to explore and enjoy everything Portland has to offer. Already a well established residential area, Alameda is rapidly becoming a walkable destination for boutique shops and nightlife to rival other more traveled...

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Take a Look at Tualatin, Portland’s Hottest Suburb

February 17, 2017

According to the Oregon Historical Society, the name of the city of Tualatin, Oregon comes from an Atfalati (the region’s Native American tribe) word meaning “lazy” or “sluggish”. No offense! That word was meant to describe the Tualatin River, which flows along the northern boundary of the city. It certainly could not be applied to the real estate market in this booming Portland suburb! According to reports recently released by the major moving van companies, Tualatin is one of the fastest growing medium-sized cities in the country. And with a proposed new light rail project offering the possibility of quick and convenient transportation to downtown Portland, real estate here is just going to get more attractive. Tualatin, Oregon Facts Many...

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Portland Neighborhood Guide: Portsmouth

December 20, 2016

Portsmouth is a quiet neighborhood located in peninsular North Portland between Kenton and St. Johns. If you’re looking to get away from the city without leaving it, however, Portsmouth is one locale that that just might fit the ticket and still be affordable. As one of the last economically and ethnically diverse neighborhoods within inner-Portland, Portsmouth is known widely for its active and engaged citizenry. A host of community gardens, volunteer-driven cleanups, and local meetups are all centerpieces of the neighborhood culture. Just across from University Park, Portsmouth experiences a slower pace of life compared to most other parts in the city. Alternative commuters should take caution when considering a move here, though. This is one of the few neighborhoods...

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Hottest 2016 Portland Real Estate Neighborhoods

December 5, 2016

It’s getting close to the end of the year, and my real estate clients want to know — what were the top neighborhoods of Portland this year? My first answer, of course, is that they all are. You don’t have to be a real estate agent in Portland to see that many people are relocating here and that homes across the region are moving at an astonishing rate, from downtown to the far-reaching suburbs. Nevertheless, Portland newspapers and real estate news sites will soon be releasing their reports on what the top neighborhoods were, and I definitely have a few to put on the list! First, let’s look at what numbers go into figuring out the hottest, the hippist, and...

portland summer real estate festival

Explore Portland’s Summer Festivals

July 8, 2016

We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to emphasize how much fun Portland can be in the summer. Whether you’re buying or selling a home here, don’t forget to check out some of the events that make this city so much fun. Use this handy real estate agent’s guide to get out and into the neighborhoods while you’re out there! Oregon Brewers Festival, aka Brewfest Did you know that Oregonians consumed 650,500 barrels of beer produced in Oregon in 2015? If you’re planning on relocating to Portland, you’d better start learning the difference between a pale ale, an amber ale, and an IPA. Luckily, the 29th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival is here to help you out over...

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Portland 2016 Home Values: Urban vs Suburban

May 16, 2016

Where are Portland homes more valuable, out in the suburbs or in the inner city? Twenty years ago, that question would have been tough to answer because home values were roughly the same on average between rural, suburban and urban areas. Actually, some suburbs were more desirable and therefore more expensive than the inner city. For example, Lake Oswego, an affluent suburban area to the Southwest of Portland, used to be more expensive than West Portland. That’s just not true anymore. Zillow released a report earlier this year that breaks down the numbers, starting with the national real estate trends. According to the report, “On a per-square-foot-basis, homes in urban areas nationwide used to be worth roughly the same as...