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Every year Stephen FitzMaurice, top 1% agent in the U.S. writes dedicated Portland real estate market forecasts to help buyers and sellers make long term decisions on home ownership. He also writes annual articles on the best time of the year to sell a home and the best time of year to buy a home, as well as a wide variety of news articles on the Portland real estate market itself.

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2017 Portland Real Estate Market Forecast

January 4, 2017

Portland 2017 Home Price Prediction: Zillow – 5.7% increase VeroForecast – 11.1% increase National Home Price 2017 Prediction: Zillow – 3.2% increase NAR (National Association of Realtors) – 4% increase Corelogic – 5% increase Freddic Mac – 4.7% increase Four reasons why home prices will increase nationally in 2017: Basic supply verses demand. New home construction will stay conservative (while slowly rising) and is still historically low after the bubble crashed in 2008. You can tell from the below chart from the U.S. Census Bureau that new construction homes were built at a rate around 1,500,000 a year and in 2017, Forisk Research predicts new construction will hit or get close to that average mark. Forisk Research predicts that home...

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Portland Housing Market Forecast for 2016

November 20, 2015

National Real Estate Housing Forecast for 2016: Zillow Research – 2.4% increase Kiplinger – 3% Corelogic – 4.7% Freddie Mac – 5.1% Portland, Oregon Housing Market Forecast for 2016: Zillow Research – 5.8%   Four reasons why home prices will increase nationally in 2016: 1. Consumer confidence rates continue to increase without signs of slowing down. 2. Mortgage rates remain low and are not expected to rise quickly. 3. The threat of rising prices (and interest rates) will accelerate buying growth. 4. There are more jobs to go around, the unemployment rate fell in 2015 to around 5% nationally and is expected to continue to fall in 2016. Four reasons why home prices in Portland will increase more than the national...