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Top 5 Portland, Oregon Zip Code Maps

Most people don’t think about the importance of zip codes when house shopping. However, understanding how these numeric representations of cities, their neighborhoods, and their districts work can play a big part in gaining valuable information when deciding where to live. Let’s first take a look at how zip codes work. How Do Zip Codes […]

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, August 2023 Report

June’s balanced market led to growing inventory and a decline in buyer activity in July, creating the conditions that will lead to a buyer’s market as soon as mid-August, but likely in September. A relatively reasonable rate of housing inventory and a decent amount of buyers means sellers can still enjoy the last lingering effects […]

HOA Fees up 30% since 2020 in Portland, Oregon

This is our fourth year calculating average HOA fees in Portland, Oregon. Last year we were surprised to report that HOA fees had jumped a whopping 20% in the city over a short two year period. It is no longer uncommon to see monthly HOA fees top $1,000 a month. These fees are not trivial […]

Top 10 Real Estate News Websites

It can be surprisingly difficult to find timely and accurate real estate news, especially if you’re looking for accurate local data specific to your property. Most of the major news sites (and we won’t name names) focus on the sensational, a celebrity’s home sale, a shocking statement about how the economy could impact the real […]

Top 5 Portland Maps for Sustainability and Livability

Portland is a city that values sustainability. In fact, Portland emerged as the most sustainable city in the country in a recent list by ParkSleepFly, which ranked cities according to renewable energy use and air pollution, among other factors. It’s no secret that Portland has been on the forefront of urban movements to promote sustainability […]

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, July 2023 Report

After the seasonal selling peak in May, inventory continues to increase in June, leading to an increase of days on the market. We are currently experiencing a more balanced market, with slowing buyer activity, rising (but still low) inventory – conditions that can still benefit buyers and sellers. Looking ahead to July, we expect a continued […]

Top 5 Real Estate News Stories of 2023 so far.

It’s been a riveting year in the Real Estate industry as we approach the end of the first half of the year. Global trends and local nuances intertwine to shape a narrative that’s as complex as it is fascinating. We will explore the top five real estate news stories 2023, each bearing significant implications for […]

Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market, June 2023 Report

The spring housing market likely hit its final peak in May as buyer traffic grew and inventory remained low. June will likely be a slightly slower month than May as inventory starts to climb. So far this year is staying within normal season cycles where the spring is the best time to sell and the […]

In 2023 so far, 19.92% of homes sold for cash.

Local Real Estate Market Research Licensed since 2003, I’ve had to handle a lot of my client’s questions along the way. My small team is approaching 3,000 local home sales. So you can multiply that number by say a dozen and get a rough idea of the number of questions coming my way. One of […]

Portland Downton Condos VS. Rest of Condos in the Metro, 2023 Report

Condos can be a great lifestyle choice for a home buyer that doesn’t have time or patience for routine home and yard maintenance issues. It can also be a great choice for a home buyer looking to purchase a second home, vacation property, or for someone who travels a lot and needs a low-maintenance homebased […]

Portland Real Estate Market, May 2023 Report

While spring warms the earth around us and nature responds with new growth, the housing market is also warming up with activity. Buyers and sellers are more motivated, and inventory is currently increasing as selling conditions become more desirable with a steady stream of new homebuyers entering the market. Housing Inventory and Buyer Traffic is […]

Lake Oswego, Oregon Real Estate Market, 2023 Update

Each month we highlight the real estate market of one of Portland’s many desirable suburbs in our Portland Suburb Real Estate Market Reports. This month we will take a look at the desirable Lake Oswego, which lies 8 miles south of Portland in an area known for its natural beauty, thanks to its namesake, Lake Oswego, which […]

Portland Real Estate Market, April 2023 Report

As we move into April 2023 after a period of market stabilization, we can anticipate that the Portland housing market will start to warm up as more new homes are listed and buyers become more active. Inventory has been declining since the start of the year and home sales have been rising to meet the […]

Are People Moving Out of Portland? A Population Update for 2023

What is happening in Portland these days in terms of population growth? After the massive surge in Oregon’s population over the decade from 2010-2020, with growth of 10.6% leading up to the disruption of the pandemic, what factors have affected Portland’s population over the last three years? Let’s take a look at the most recent […]

Newberg, Oregon Real Estate Market, 2023 Update

We like to stay informed on the real estate market activity in Portland’s suburbs and share our findings with you in our Portland Suburb Real Estate Market Reports. In this article we bring our focus to the suburb of Newberg, which lies 24 miles southwest of Portland and offers an appealing rural lifestyle with easy access to the city’s […]

Portland Real Estate Market – 15 Years After the Crash

It has now been 15 years since the U.S. housing bubble burst in 2008, and the recession that followed was an unexpected windfall that took the Portland housing market many years to recover from. Ten years later economists were claiming that the economy had rebounded – just as the housing market began to cool down […]

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