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How Many Californians are Moving to Portland? – 2022 Report

March 4, 2022

Californians have been migrating north to Oregon for years, and despite the pandemic, the past couple of years have been no different. While COVID did slow both in- and out-migration in early 2020, some population growth returned in 2021, according to the Portland State University Population Research Center (PRC). This isn’t to say that Oregon is experiencing a population boom. It isn’t. But, Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties all saw increases in population with key factors being more affordable real estate and job availability. With home prices increasing as they have in the past couple of years here in Portland, it’s hard to believe people find them attractive, but they do. Especially when coming from California, where the median home...

Portland Real Estate Market Update – February 2022

February 18, 2022

Not that we’re into the second month of 2022, we’re taking a look at the real estate market in Portland to see how stacks up against the past year, 2021, and month, Dec. to Jan. 2022, and what it might mean moving forward. Fortune predicts that the upcoming national spring market will be “brutal,” compared to last year’s spring market, which they describe as “the fiercest in history,” all created by rapidly rising real estate prices and record-low inventories. They point out that the 19.1% increase between October 2020 and October 2021 is not sustainable. Something has to give at some point. Will 2022 be the year the Portland real estate market start to change? See our 2022 Portland real...

Portland Real Estate Market Home Prices – 2022 Report

February 11, 2022

As we enter spring 2022, we thought we’d take stock of Portland real estate market prices to see where things stand and maybe get a clue about what they might mean for the market moving forward. We took a look at each quadrant of the city and checked the last monthly average sales prices, year-to-date average sales prices, recent closed sales, year-to-date closed sales, average days on the market, and price increases. Before we get to those numbers, though, here’s a look at Portland’s overall real-time market profile as of the writing of this article. From this chart, we can see the continued decrease in inventory and the continued increase in prices, along with other telling information. Normal seasonal trends...

portland real estate market

Portland Real Estate Market Update – January 2022

January 24, 2022

As we move into a new year, we’re looking at real estate trends in Portland to see where we stand and where we might be headed. Let’s take a look and see what’s happening right now. Is it a Buyer’s or a Seller’s Real Estate Market in Portland? Anyone who watches real estate market trends knows that everything tends to cool down in the fall and winter. While there have been subtle ups and down in buying throughout 2021, we’re still seeing rising home prices and a dip in inventory, all of which make it a strong seller’s market heading into 2022. We recently published our 2022 Portland real estate market forecast based on turn of the year numbers. According...

Abandoned Homes in Portland: How to Report or Buy Them

January 14, 2022

One of the best parts of being a Portland real estate agent is seeing solid homes go to new excited home owners. It can be frustrating to drive through town and see so many abandoned homes with no one living in them, maintaining them, and enjoying them. But every city has abandoned homes. Owners move on or refuse responsibility, and the city places liens against the property, which makes it even more difficult for the owner to recover the property. While foreclosure rates have soared (from previous almost zero levels to low levels) nationwide, Oregon has faired relatively well this year in that regard, coming in 49th in overall foreclosures, thanks to the moratorium Governor Brown put into effect. This...

2022 portland real estate market forecast

Portland Real Estate Market Forecast 2022

December 31, 2021

We looked for anyone forecasting a decline in home prices in 2022 nationally or locally and couldn’t find a single reputable source. The lowest forecast for the nations real estate market in 2022, is Realtor.com’s 2.9% increase prediction. Summer 2022 Market Forecast Update. Since writing this forecast at the beginning of the year, the aggressive increase of interest rates (by more than double previous rates) has caused an unexpected slowdown (at least more of a slowdown than was previously projected). All major industry news portals have revised and reduced their real estate market outlooks. Looking back at Q1 we say skyrocketing home prices in the greater Portland metro area and will still likely see some increase in Q2. However, it...

portland real estate market bubble crash

Portland Real Estate Bubble – Housing Crash 2022

December 22, 2021

Ever since COVID hit the U.S. economy and real estate market has been acting strange. Confusion and concern often lead the way. But despite the ups and downs over the last couple of years, the real estate market has continued to maintain strong demand as inventory has remained low (even historically so) and prices have skyrocketed. But what will happen to the Portland real estate market in 2022, will the bubble finally burst or will prices continue to rise to unseen heights? Summer 2022 update. As we will see below, the number one impact of our currently slowing Portland real estate market is rising interest rates. However, the rest of our local economic fundamentals remain the same. In order to...

Portland Real Estate Market Report December 2021

December 17, 2021

The Portland real estate market typically experiences a cooling down in winter every year, and so it has been true in 2021. But exceptionally low inventory is keeping the winter Portland 2021 real estate market, at least slightly, in the seller’s favor. December’s Portland Real Estate Market 2021 Today’s Portland real estate market is defined by price drops, increased market time, low buyer traffic, even lower inventory, and steadily increasing prices – all at the same time. Looking at the chart below, notice over one third of homes on the Portland real estate market have had a recent price drop. Average days on market is much higher than summer or spring (was hovering around 20-30 days) at a whopping 42...

portland real estate quiz

Take the Portland Real Estate Quiz

December 16, 2021

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top real estate news stories

Top 7 Real Estate News Stories of 2021

December 6, 2021

COVID-19 has, without a doubt, impacted the real estate market from decreases in interest rates and inventory to increases in zoom towns and home prices. While we are still not out of the woods with the pandemic’s influence on the market, we’ve been watching to see how it’s all unfolding. We’ve consulted some of the top sources in the country to see how things look on the national real estate landscape. While COVID has been front and center in all news, including real estate, it’s not the only news. Here, we’ll share what’s happening across the country and here at home to help you stay informed whether you’re just entering the market for a new home or have been following...