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If you're looking to purchase a distressed Portland property, we highly recommend our top 1% buyer's agent, Kami Price, who has obtained the short sales and foreclosure resource certification and has extensive experience helping buyers purchased bank owned and short sale properties.

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If you're looking to avoid foreclosure and need help short selling your home, look no further. Stephen FitzMaurice is a top 1% seller's agent in Portland, is a short sale certified agent, and does not charge the homeowner for his short sale services. He has a very high success rate and can explain the ups and downs of the short sale process. Click here for Stephen's short sale services.

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We've got you covered. Check out local short sale and foreclosure homes for sale at PortlandHomesforSale.com.

Portland, Oregon Foreclosure and Short Sale News

Below are articles written by our top agents on foreclosure and short sale happenings in the Portland metro area.

Portland Foreclosure Market and 2023 Forecast

I started selling homes in 2003 when the Portland real estate market was starting to get hot. I sold foreclosures and short sales after the 2008 crash until they statistically disappeared by 2016. The amount of available foreclosure and short sale homes for sale dropped to less than 1% in Portland, Oregon in 2019 and […]

Abandoned Homes in Portland: How to Report or Buy Them

Update 04/2024 One of the best parts of being a Portland real estate agent is seeing solid homes go to new excited home owners. It can be frustrating to drive through town and see so many abandoned homes with no one living in them, maintaining them, and enjoying them. But every city has abandoned homes. […]

Portland Foreclosures For Sale, Current Rates and REO Forecasting – 2021 Update

3 Ways to Find Portland Foreclosures For Sale Public Market Foreclosures If you’re interested in purchasing a foreclosure in the Portland real estate market, there are generally two ways to go about this. The first is the easiest and that is by searching for all foreclosure homes banks have currently listed on the public market […]

Portland Short Sale Market Report – Back in 2021?

Short sales were almost non-existent in the Portland real estate market in 2020, representing a fraction of 1% of real estate transactions in the city. However, many expect short sales to rise in 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, and the end of mortgage relief programs that were passed in early […]

Portland Real Estate Foreclosure Rate – 2020 Report

Over the past five years, the foreclosure rate in the Portland real estate market has been dropping, from close to 4% of total sales in 2015 to just under 1% this year. Even though the total number of foreclosures in Portland has gone down, we’re not back to zero foreclosures, which was the case prior […]

Portland Foreclosures and Short Sales Cut in Half

Foreclosures are all but disappearing from the Portland housing market as home values continue to rise. In fact, the percentage of homes on the Portland real estate market that are up for foreclosure or already owned by the bank has fallen in half over the past two years! According to new data from the RMLS, […]

Portland Foreclosures are Down, But Not Out

“Underwater” sounds like a nice place to be during this Portland heat wave, but if you’re a mortgage holder, that word is enough to give you the shivers on even the hottest day. Fortunately, the latest data from RealtyTrac shows that foreclosures are down. In May 2105, the number of properties that received a foreclosure […]

Certified Portland Short Sale Agent

The Portland real estate market has been doing great lately. It’s a seller’s market – prices are up, inventory is down. But some Portland homeowners are still not joining the party, even though they’d love to sell. That’s because about 10% of them are underwater on their mortgages. Going underwater on a mortgage, or owing […]

Portland Market Short Sales and Foreclosures 2015 Update

Portland Foreclosures: So five years ago? Not quite. Since the housing bubble burst in 2009, and hundreds of homes went into foreclosure, Portland home buyers and sellers have adapted to a market composed of about 10% bank-owned homes and short sales. While the number of foreclosures has definitely lessened since the burst of the bubble, […]

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act Has an Uncertain Future

A few good things came out of the bursting of the housing bubble in 2007/08. It drew attention to irresponsible banking practices, launched the tiny house movement in Portland and across the nation, and prompted congress to step up for those who were about to lose their homes. The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act was part […]

Foreclosures and Short Sales in Portland: Dropping Fast

Home shoppers intent on snagging a deal on a short sale or foreclosed property in the Portland area had better act fast. Recent reports indicate that the number of new listings coming on the market is shrinking, while low inventory and rising home prices indicate that the supply of distressed properties won’t last forever. Quick […]

Be Aware of Real Estate Scams in Portland

You’re behind on your mortgage payments and the bank is threatening to foreclose. Then you receive an offer from someone claiming to be from a credit agency. They say they can sell your home, saving your credit and your peace of mind. Can you believe them? Of course not. Unfortunately, that call is not so […]

Has Fannie Mae Solved the Short Sale Maze?

As many in Portland have already experienced, buying or selling a home through the short sale process can be a bit of a maze. Although short sales are an invaluable tool for underwater home owners, many offers fall through because one or more parties can’t agree to terms in the agreement. For home owners, the […]

Portland Short Sale Agent 2013

Your home is valued at less than what you owe on your mortgage. You’re experiencing financial hardship and need to downsize to a new home but can’t sell your underwater home until the market changes. You don’t want to ruin your credit or be in a situation where you have to wait for months to […]

Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extended!

The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 has been extended by Congress until January 1st, 2014. Here at RealEstateAgentPDX.com, we’ve been following the developments with significant interest (two previous articles: What is the Short Sale Tax? and Short Sale Tax Exemption Could End Soon). This is excellent news for anyone who needs to short sale […]

The Foreclosure Rate is Falling in Portland and Across the Country

Foreclosure rates in the majority of US cities have hit a 5-year low, according to several sources. This is good news for just about everyone, current homeowners, sellers, and buyers alike. Fewer reported foreclosures can indicate that the economy is rebounding. When the foreclosure rate is down, it can suggest that less people are losing […]

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