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5 Things You Didn’t Know – Milwaukie, Oregon

February 10, 2021

Milwaukie is the kind of suburb that you’ll sometimes hear city-dwellers might as well be part of Portland – but isn’t. In its quaint downtown, you’ll find local retail and dining reminiscent of some quieter Portland neighborhoods. And yet, it still manages to feel like its own cul-de-sac, tucked just south of much less price-friendly Sellwood and Eastmoreland. With easy access to the MAX and its own brand of small town charm, Milwaukie is a suburb not to be underestimated. Read on to find five reasons why not. 1. It’s Home to Two Iconic Oregon Businesses So Milwaukie is just a sleepy suburb of Portland, right? Think again. You might not find a huge Nike campus here, but you will...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Happy Valley, Oregon

January 15, 2021

When Shakespeare pondered, “What’s in a name?” … he probably wasn’t thinking about neighborhood incorporation and real estate. But the origin of Happy Valley’s name brings a little intrigue to the table. Local lore claims that the name originates from neighborhood youths who got into some hard cider before church services. Their boisterous singing dubbed them the “happy boys from the hollow,” and the name followed. However, even the city’s website acknowledges that this is most likely a tale spun for marketing purposes. Well, we can’t blame them, as the strategy has clearly worked. Happy Valley has been one of the fasted growing cities in Oregon for the past several years, and clinched the number one spot in 2020. PSU’s...

fairview oregon real estate

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fairview, Oregon

December 28, 2020

Northeast of Portland, along the I84 corridor, is a little town that can be easy to miss on the way to Gresham or Troutdale. However, Fairview deserves a detour. We named it one of 2020’s Most Affordable Portland Suburbs, and in 2019 it was on our short list of Best Cities to Live Near Portland. Let’s take a closer look at the city of Fairview.  Employment opportunities? Check. For a city of just under 10,000 residents, Fairview boasts a large number of small businesses – 675 according to the US Census. Soon, it will support one of the world’s biggest companies, too. Amazon is set to open a new distribution facility in Fairview in 2021, which Oregon Live reports will...

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5 Things you Didn’t Know About Oregon City

June 15, 2020

If we had to make a list of Portland suburbs posed for growth, Oregon City would probably be at the top. With a population of 37,000 and big plans for the future, this city stands as a destination in its own right — not just for tourists but for home buyers as well. Read on for five things you didn’t know about the first incorporated city west of the Rockies.  1. The Clackamas River is Awesome Oregon City is defined by its location between two rivers: The Willamette, which flows up from the south and heads toward downtown Portland, and the Clackamas. With headwaters in the Cascade Range, the Clackamas River flows through the Mt. Hood National Forest before dropping...

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Troutdale, Oregon

October 25, 2019

Located 12 miles east of Portland, at the confluence of the mighty Columbia river and its major tributary, the Sandy River, the city of Troutdale is known as the Gateway to the Gorge. You can bet that Troutdale is a tourism hotspot — but many Portland home buyers overlook it as a place to settle down.  They’re missing out. Here are five reasons why Troutdale is worth exploring for your real estate investment.  1. Troutdale is named for a fish for a reason. Dales of trout. Sea captain John Harlow bought the original land claim in the Troutdale area in 1872, and built an expansive estate. Ponds forming in the dales of his land held abundant populations of native trout...

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hillsboro, Oregon

May 25, 2018

Name a town that’s growth-forward but also community-minded. Where you can take the light rail to Portland in the same amount of time it takes to get to the beach. A place that offers the best of Oregon but isn’t afraid to be a little different. If you said Hillsboro, it’s probably because we gave it away in the title to this blog post, but you’re right. With limited inventory in the Portland real estate market, it’s a great time to turn to this neighboring city, well within reach of Portland. You might be surprised at what you discover. 1. A Connectivity Pioneer With a population of 100,000, Hillsboro is known as the biggest little high-tech city in the state....