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If the Portland real estate market is all about location, then Portland maps are our greatest tool. Having the right map can make all the difference in researching your next real estate purchase. Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor licensed since 2003, writes multiple articles a year pointing out the best available Portland maps.

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portland real estate map

5 Essential Portland Neighborhood Maps

February 19, 2024

Maps have existed for thousands of years, serving to help people get where they’re going and educating them about geographies and terrains. While we’re long past the practice of plotting maps on clay tablets and parchment, we still rely on them daily. If you’re thinking about moving to Portland, if you’re new to the area, or even if you’re considering moving to a new neighborhood in the city, a variety of good maps can help. Many of Portland’s neighborhoods are self-contained entities full of plentiful resources within walking distance. It’s easy to stick close to home and not get too familiar with the city as a whole. But if you do plan to relocate, getting a broader view is essential....

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Top 4 Maps for Portland Real Estate Buyers

February 5, 2024

While shopping online for Portland real estate, it is easy to become inundated with information. The sheer quantity of data available to home buyers can simply be overwhelming, and it can help tremendously to have a visual guide to aid your search. Maps can help clarify and organize information as you explore neighborhoods, research amenities important to you (whether they are restaurants, schools, safety, parks, etc.), and narrow your search for your dream home. Fortunately a wealth of interactive maps are available online. The real challenge is knowing which are the most useful. Here, I’ve highlighted the four most robust Portland maps with the most helpful interactive tools and information for savvy home buyers. We’ve also included some bonus maps for...

portland earthquake map

Top 5 Portland, Oregon Earthquake Maps

December 18, 2023

Yes, there is a certain amount of earthquake risk in Portland. Still, the good news is that geologists are getting better and better at understanding, mapping, and even predicting seismic activity. Maps can also help us be better prepared for disasters by showing resources and hazards. Take a look at these Portland maps before you buy a home. Be sure to click the header links to go to the earthquake maps. Top Portland, Oregon Earthquake Maps 1. Latest U.S. Earthquakes Map  For those fascinated by seismic activity, this live US Geological Survey map provides up-to-the-minute information about earthquakes around the globe. Earthquakes appear as dots on the map; the colors indicate how long ago they happened. The map can show...

radon map portland

Portland, Oregon Radon Map – Plus Free Tests (for some)

December 7, 2023

Portland, Oregon Radon rates change. A perennial hot topic in Portland is the influx of Californians, but it’s the Montana and Idaho migrants that we should be worried about, according to health officials. Actually, they’re not talking about people, but rocks. “In the Portland metropolitan area, a lot of the rocks and soil underneath the Willamette Valley were carried down from parts of Idaho and Montana,” said an Oregon Health Authority official quoted by OPB. These long-ago geological travelers carry radon, a radioactive gas that is drawn into homes and buildings, leading to cancer and other health issues.  As real estate agents, we do a lot of education about the risks of radon and the importance of testing, and after...

portland real estate flood map

New Portland, Oregon Flood Map

November 6, 2023

Floods don’t just destroy homes and carry away vehicles; they also destroy infrastructure and cut off access to the outside world, sometimes for days at a time. When shopping for a home in Portland, having the right tools at hand to understand flood risk is essential. Sometimes, it can be pretty clear that a home is directly in a flood zone where floods happen frequently. But more often, the answer is less clear-cut. First, we’ll explore the traditional way to view flood zones using FEMA and other government maps. Then, we’ll detail an exciting new tool that gives address-by-address information about flood risk. How to View Flood Zones using FEMA and City of Portland Flood Maps Say you’re looking at...

Portland Maps for Buyers

Buying a Portland home? Check Portlandmaps.com first.

September 8, 2023

Buying a new home starts with research. Not only do you have to find houses on the market, but you need to learn enough about them to determine if they’re a good fit for you. While your real estate agent can help a lot during this process, where do you go if you need additional information quickly or want to do your own research? Thankfully, with the advent of the internet, you no longer need to spend hours digging through a city office and looking through old housing records. With the help of websites like Portlandmaps.com, you can easily research homes in the Portland, OR, area in a flash, making it much easier to learn everything you need to know...

portland zip code map

Top 5 Portland, Oregon Zip Code Maps

July 27, 2023

Most people don’t think about the importance of zip codes when house shopping. However, understanding how these numeric representations of cities, their neighborhoods, and their districts work can play a big part in gaining valuable information when deciding where to live. Let’s first take a look at how zip codes work. How Do Zip Codes Work and What Do They Tell Us? The necessity for zip codes to achieve expediency and accuracy in mailing anything in the U.S. is common knowledge. That was the U.S. Postal Service’s intent in 1963 when they first instituted the use of the five-digit number at the end of any address to which a letter or package would be sent. Finding ways to streamline delivery...

Top 5 Portland Maps for Sustainability and Livability

June 19, 2023

Portland is a city that values sustainability. In fact, Portland emerged as the most sustainable city in the country in a recent list by ParkSleepFly, which ranked cities according to renewable energy use and air pollution, among other factors. It’s no secret that Portland has been on the forefront of urban movements to promote sustainability for decades. And Portland continues to set an example of caring for the environment while encouraging its citizens’ enjoyment of it. From biking to hiking, walking around your neighborhood to traveling out of town, Portland wants people to be outside enjoying the natural world and working to care for it at the same time. Unsurprisingly, there are several mapping tools that highlight the city’s sustainability...

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6 Essential Portland, Oregon Maps

October 31, 2022

We rely on maps every day for a variety of reasons—to find our way around, to locate businesses, and more. Due to our technologically savvy world with virtually everything at our fingertips, we rarely rely on tangible maps anymore, but maps still serve a valuable function to our every day lives. Portland maps take many forms and serve a wide variety of purposes. Bottom line, we love Portland and we love maps! If you’ve lived in any of Portland’s neighborhoods for any length of time, you’ve probably learned the city well enough to navigate it without a map. But chances are, you’ve become accustomed to traversing its streets to accomplish your day-to-day tasks and the occasional social outing to your...

A New, Dynamic Portland Real Estate Map

November 22, 2021

Ever feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack while sorting through real estate listings? You know what you want. You know what you don’t want. But how do you find exactly what you’re looking for with so many options and when the market shifts and changes daily, sometimes hourly? We have the answer: our new dynamic Portland real estate map. In this article, we’ll show you what it does and what you can expect from it. But before we get to that, let’s first understand how VestorFilter™ has helped us create this amazing new and easy-to-use Portland real estate map. Here’s the most exciting part of the real estate map: Icons change size based on actual sq....