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Best Interior Colors to Paint Your Home to Increase Home Value in 2024

Did you know that painting your home can significantly affect the sale price? According to one Zillow study, choosing the right color to paint your walls can impact your bottom line as much as $5,000. While you should paint your walls whatever colors you like when living in your home when selling your home, the […]

Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Increase Home Value

If you’re considering selling your home and are wondering how to increase its value without breaking the bank, upgrades and remodels are a good place to start, especially in the bathroom. If that sounds expensive already, know this: there’s plenty you can do in this realm to see a return on your investment regarding sale […]

Homeowners Overestimate Home Value as much as 150%

If you’re considering selling your home, you’re probably wondering how much it has appreciated since you bought it. According to a survey conducted by Rocket Homes, which polled 2,058 homeowners, if you were to guess, the accuracy of that guess probably depends on how long you’ve owned your home. (Learn more about the survey’s methodology.) […]

Portland Attic Remodeling Ideas: All Budgets

Updated 05/2024. Improving the usefulness of your house brings big benefits. You can change the home to match your lifestyle, accommodate a growing family, add storage, or provide a rentable space for more income. The same changes also boost your home’s resale value when it is time to sell. Yes, it pays to do home […]

Homeowners are Becoming More Accurate at Predicting Home Value

We’ve been reporting on the discrepancy between what homeowners believe their home is worth and actual market value for several years. During that time the trend of homeowners overestimating their home’s value held steady, as it had been doing for years. According to a June 2020 article published in the Journal of Housing Economics, “… […]

Top 4 Free Home Value Estimates to Check, Before Selling a Home

Curious about your home’s value in a fluctuating Portland real estate market? I get it. Licensed since 2003, I’ve seen the ups and downs of Portland real estate pricing. In fact, I keep a category of this site dedicated to home value articles of interest and create greater Portland metro real estate reports – monthly. […]

Is the Zillow Zestimate® Accurate? 2023 Update

These days, anyone interested in selling or buying a home is familiar with the home search engine Zillow and the proprietary Zestimate® formula it uses to place an estimated value on a property. Many times people will be motivated to make decisions about selling their home based on the Zestimate® they discover online. Or buyers […]

Top 5 Colors to Paint Your Home to Increase Home Value in 2023

If your home is in need of a fresh coat of paint or you are considering painting your exterior to enhance its curb appeal for potential buyers, choosing the right color can feel like a weighty decision. It’s true that the most important photo for your home’s online listing is the first one, and that […]

Cork Stripped Flooring: Better than Hardwoods?

If you’re looking for an earth-friendly material to replace or refinish your floors, whether in the interest of sustainability or to achieve a natural aesthetic or both, cork stripped flooring might just be the superior choice – even over the ever popular and time-tested hardwoods. There are several options in this category, but cork and […]

Modern Kitchen Upgrades to Boost Your Home’s Value in 2023

As a real estate agent in my 20th year working in the Portland metro, I have seen every possible style of kitchen, from those that seem to be “frozen in time” and never updated after being built or up to a certain decade to high-end remodels complete with the latest technology, and everything in between. […]

The Bigger the Home, the Less it Sells for Per Square Foot.

After selling homes in Portland, Oregon for twenty years, I’ve picked up on a lot of consistent patterns that helps me to price homes correctly and give my clients the best possible real estate advice. Whether it is the best time to sell or buy a home, knowing the factors that causes a home to […]

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value in Portland, Oregon?

Updated 05/2024 There have been a number of national studies on the impact installing solar panels has on home value. But, as one might imagine, there is likely a strong regional effect. Installing solar panels in Arizona might be a lot more desirable and have a greater impact on their home values, than adding solar […]

Top 5 Front Door Colors to Sell your Home in 2023

The exterior door of your home has multi-purpose functions: first and foremost, it keeps you and your family safe and secure and protects your home’s interior from the elements, and it also enhances your home’s aesthetic for curb appeal. Choosing an eye-catching color that revitalizes your home is an inexpensive way to give its facade […]

Top 5 New Roof Types to Install in the Pacific Northwest

Updated 05/2024. When your roof is doing its job, it’s easy to take it for granted. But if it is damaged during a storm or degrades over time, you’re faced with the cost of repairing or replacing it. It can be hard knowing where to begin. Should you go with recycled materials or consider another […]

Portland Home Value Estimate, Realtor Vs. Online

Updated 05/2023. The real estate market is shifting fast in Portland, Oregon and around the country. We’ve got your latest month by month report on the Portland market here. If you’re looking for tips on remodeling to improve your home value before going to market, we’ve got that too. You Can’t Trust Online Home Value […]

12 Remodeling Trends to Sell a Home for More

After sequestering for much of the past two years, people are looking for ways to refresh and enliven their spaces at home. Trends come and go, and humans like change. So it’s always good to know what’s in and what’s out, for both our own personal tastes and preferences, and when it comes time to […]

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