How Many Showings to Sell a Home

Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor licensed since 2003, writes an annual report on the average number of home buyer showings it takes before a home sells in the greater Portland metro area.

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How Many Home Showings to Sell a Home? 2023 Report

May 5, 2023

My clients want to know, how many showings on average does it take to sell a home? So for a number of years now I’ve been writing a local research report on the topic. Thankfully, we do have access to the necessary data through RMLS. We get daily buyer traffic reports and inventory reports. The smart lockboxes we use locally record every home buyer showing. The MLS records when an offer is finally accepted and the homes goes into pending status. If you’re curious on the average number of days it takes to sell a home (annual reports), we have that for you. If you’re curious what the current real estate market is up to in the Portland, Oregon metro...

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How Many Showings to Sell a Home? 2022 Report

April 15, 2022

The United States as a whole, greater Portland metro area included, has been in a seller’s market since the early 2020 when COVID19 threw the industry for a loop. One of the annual reports we started a few years prior was the average number of showings it takes to sell a home. This homeowner concern skyrocketed with the start of the pandemic, and still remains of great interest. This showing report fits well in with our other related annual real estate market reports such as, How many days does it take to sell a home?, What day of the week do most buyers look for homes?, What is the best time of the year to buy (or sell) a home?,...

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How Many Showings to Sell a Home? 2021 Update

April 9, 2021

The Portland real estate market has been quite volatile since the advent of COVID 19 in early 2020. No one predicted the seller’s market we are in now. After COVID 19 hit, home became more important than ever to the entire country, somehow at the same time dramatically decreasing inventory and dramatically increasing buyer demand. While we are in the traditionally hot spring sellers season, it feels hotter than anything I’ve experienced as a local sellers agent since 2003. Inventory should increase over the span of the year and this fall should be a much easier time to buy in the Portland real estate market. How many buyers will come through my home before it sells? Many homeowners are watching...

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How many showings on average to sell a house? – 2019 update

October 4, 2019

In Portland your real estate agent has access to the MLS, here called the RMLS which gives an incredible amount of real estate market data, including weekly buyer traffic reports and total inventory reports broken down into active, pending, and sold properties. Basically your real estate agent has access to the information to be able to tell you how many showings on average it takes to sell a house. Two powerful forces in the real estate market. Number of buyer showings. RMLS makes the weekly number of showings available to their subscribers, and their data covers most of northern Oregon from the Coast to past Mt. Hood. Similarly their Washington data covers the southern half of the state. Showing traffic...

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How many showings does it take to sell a home? 2018 Update

October 1, 2018

RMLS, our local multiple listing service, puts out a ton of useful data on home showings and more, and can help put the Portland real estate market into perspective. RMLS covers SW Washington and most of northern Oregon, all the way from the coast to the far east. It fully covers the Portland real estate market area and beyond. When looking at that broader area we can see some real estate numbers that might surprise you. In the area, RMLS as of today, is reporting 22,493 active listings for sale and is reporting that 64,315 sold in the last 12 months. That’s not great. It also reported about 112,000 showings last month, which equaled about 4 showings a month per...