How to Sell an Inherited Home

Selling an inherited home is often a multi-step process and having an experienced probate attorney and real estate agent to advise you along the way can make all the difference.

It is important to understand the probate process when selling an inherited home, unless there was already a transfer on death deed recorded prior. Often when selling an inherited home, a date of death value can be necessary to obtain in order to sell the home or for inheritance tax recording purposes.

If you have inherited a home you’re planning to sell or need to know more about the process, Stephen would love to connect, potentially tour the home in question. Reach out today to set a no obligation appointment.

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Selling Mom and Dad’s Portland Home

March 8, 2023

Underneath the plains of Romania lies a cave that has been sealed off from the rest of the world for 5.5 million years. According to the BBC, “While our ape-like ancestors were coming down from the trees and evolving into modern humans, the inhabitants of this cave were cut off from the rest of the planet.” Insects, spiders, fungi and bacteria evolved separately in the low-oxygen environment, and scientists have discovered at least 33 species that exist nowhere else on earth! Does this cave sound like a place you know? Before a house becomes a “property” listed on the real estate market, it’s somebody’s home. And some of these homes have been, like Movile Cave, sealed off from the rest...

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When Can you Sell a Home in Probate?

September 23, 2022

This article will answer “What is a Probate?”, will give an overview of the probate process, and when in that process the sale or transfer of a decedent’s home should take place. Opening a Probate Case in Portland, Oregon Probate is the process of administration and distribution for the estate of a deceased individual. Many states require a probate procedure for distribution of the decedent’s assets and real property. To initiate a probate process, the first step is to determine if the decedent has a valid will (testate) or no will (intestate), or if there is a recorded transfer on dead deed. If there is a valid will, a petition to probate the will must be filed in the circuit...

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What is a Transfer on Death Deed in Real Estate?

September 21, 2022

A “Transfer on Death” deed (TODD) is a type of legal instrument that will automatically transfer the ownership of real property to a beneficiary designated by name on a deed upon death of the current owner. Because the right of ownership is automatic upon death, a TODD is often viewed as a beneficial way to avoid probate altogether. It is worthwhile however to note the limitations of a Transfer on Death Deed. A TODD is revocable either by the current owner, or if the current owner sells the ownership right to another individual. Also, unlike a co-owner who can enjoy present ownership rights to a property, a named beneficiary can only enjoy ownership rights upon death of the current owner....

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Getting a Date of Death Value from a Realtor in Oregon

August 15, 2022

Determining the value of an estate can be a hassle but is typically required in order to pay the proper amount of taxes. Often called an inheritance tax, all assets of the deceased be properly valued at the date of death or six months following the date of death. The executor is required to explain how the value was determined and must include proof. Appraiser or Realtor? When it comes to real estate, often a licensed real estate appraiser is hired to perform the date of death appraisal. Certainly this is a fine path to take. It is also possible for the executor to “substantiate” the value of the real estate property with alternative documentation. Once such possible alternative to...