East Vs. West Home Price Battle. Which Portland Half Sells for More?

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Before you answer, the west side obviously, I’m going to run a little more nuanced experiment. The east side of Portland is a lot bigger and stretches out a lot further away from the downtown city center, while the west side is geographically smaller and closer in to downtown. The highest-priced east side neighborhoods like the desirable Alameda and Irvington neighborhoods in NE Portland, and the Mt. Tabor and Sellwood neighborhoods in SE Portland are also relatively close in to downtown. What if we compared home prices between east and west Portland while using 82nd street as a boundary? Then all the Portland real estate we would be comparing would be in much closer proximity to the center of the city.

East vs. West as a Whole – There is No Debate

When it comes to home prices in Portland, Oregon the west side as a whole is dramatically more expensive than the east side, a good $100,000 more on average as we can see from the below RMLS chart dated Feb. 2023. The below chart includes all types of owned real estate, including condos.

Chart from RMLS.com

West Portland Vs. Close-in East Portland Home Price Battle

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at all NW and SW Portland home prices vs. all east side home prices with an 82nd street cut off and see who comes out on top.

Detached Homes Sold in the Last 6 MonthsMedian Sold PriceAverage Price per Sq. Ft.Average Days on Market
Portland West Side441$760,000$32645
Portland East Side (stopping at 82nd)1542$600,825$29445
Data from RMLS as of 2/20/2023

Alright the west side is still winning (or losing badly, depending on your perspective). What if we cut out North Portland as well and just looked at the close in sections of NE and SE Portland?

Detached Homes Sold in the Last 6 MonthsMedian Sold PriceAverage Price per Sq. Ft.Average Days on Market
Portland West Side441$760,000$32645
Portland East Side (stopping at 82nd and cutting out all of North Portland)1179$624,106$29544
Data from RMLS as of 2/20/2023

Well, that helped a little bit, but perhaps not as much as one might have expected. There are some pretty high priced North Portland neighborhoods as well such as Overlook, University Park, Kenton, and others. The west side of Portland is simply the higher priced half of Portland real estate anyway you cut it. Portland, Oregon home affordability isn’t great, but it is still better than most other west coast cities of a similar or bigger size. See our latest reports on Portland home affordability here (we would rather the city was more affordable for its citizens).

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February 27, 2023

Stephen FitzMaurice

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