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4th Largest Realty Company in the U.S.

eXp Realty serves all 50 states and has a strong international presence. It is the 4th largest Realty company in the United States with over 75,000 agents (that number is rapidly increasing).

Fastest Growing Realty Company in the World

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Yes, you read that right. eXp is a cutting-edge modern Realty company. Unlike many other well-known large Realty companies, eXp Realty provides its agents with one experience, one login, and the ability to work together to sell their clients homes and service their client’s real estate needs – as one effective and efficient organization. Agents around the world are taking notice and signing up.

5 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Join EXP Realty

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  1. Online platforms are the present and the future of real estate.
  2. An effective real estate sales referral network requires a comprehensive online reach with no barriers or limits (all 50 states and international).
  3. Reasonable cost Brokerages are the future and online platforms are the most effect path to cut cost with no loss in performance or service.
  4. Real estate training must be applicable and accessible to you at all points in your career.
  5. It is easier to succeed with the successful.

Number 1 eXp Realty Team

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We run the highest producing team at eXp Realty in Oregon and SW Washington.

High Sales Volume

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eXp Realty is responsible for selling over 150 billion in real estate sales annually. Our real estate team is currently producing over 100 million in sales annually in Oregon and Washington.

Selling your Home Faster

Unlike many other international Realty companies, eXp Realty networks all of their agents on the same shared online platform. This means I can market your home across the world, within eXp, with the click of a button. This is in addition to our already extensive public marketing reach for every client’s home.

Looking to Become a Licensed Agent in Oregon?

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If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Oregon, call us at 503-714-1111. Or if you’re considering buying or selling a home in Washington, call us at 360-345-3833. We look forward to speaking with you!