Four Steps (Budget-Friendly) Portland Kitchen Remodel

portland kitchen remodel

Portland home buyers are looking for a home that is unique and stylish while being functional and user-friendly. Nowhere do these qualities stand out more than in the kitchen. If you’re considering selling your home and thinking that the space where the average American family does everything from homework to entertaining could use an upgrade, you’re probably right. How much of an upgrade, though? It helps to have an action plan.

Step 1: Prioritize and set a budget. Sure, it would be fun to tear everything out and build a new kitchen, and it would certainly set your home apart from the crowd, but keep cost versus value in mind. If you spend $5,000 remodeling your kitchen, you won’t necessarily be able to raise the asking price of your Portland home by $5,000 to recuperate those funds. The best plan of attack is to first figure out how much you can spend. Then use your dollars wisely to address glaring problems and generally make the space appear brighter and cleaner. Unless they are in a state of disrepair that will immediately raise red flags, let the new buyer do things like replace the flooring or countertops.

Step 2: Update appliances. If your appliances bring to mind the words “quaint” or “retro”, it would probably be wise to buy new ones before listing it with a real estate agent. Appliances tend to draw the eye more than any other feature of the kitchen, so they will be the first to make it look old and dingy. Go for energy-efficient appliances in stainless steel, which tends to look newer and more appealing than other finishes. On the other hand, if your appliances are still under warrantee, run well and don’t look either new or old, it’s not worth laying down a bunch of money on new ones because your buyer won’t think twice about them.

Step 3: Creative cabinetry. Your cabinets are the next kitchen feature that might stand between your Portland home and a quick sale, so the key is to update them without blowing your entire budget. If the cabinets themselves are of poor quality or have damage that new paint won’t cover up, you may be able to find good replacement cabinets at a local Portland building materials recycler like the Rebuilding Center. Want to upgrade your existing cabinets? New knobs and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. Or you can creatively alter them by removing the doors for the trendy “open shelving” look.

Step 4: Finishing touches. What features have you always wanted in the kitchen but never gotten around to adding? If you’re not someone who cooks a lot, bring in a friend who does and ask them. Things as simple as hooks, shelves for small items, work lights under cabinets, or a rack for hanging pots above the stove or island can add convenience and charm that will make buyers say “this is my dream kitchen”. Shelves, lights and even the pot rack can be as simple as a quick trip to the hardware or recycled materials center and some internet DIY help.

With a little time and some forethought, you can convert a “blah” kitchen into a “you’ve gotta see this” home highlight. Not sure how your kitchen remodel will affect your Portland home sale? Ask your Portland real estate agent.

March 12, 2013

Stephen FitzMaurice

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