How Many Home Showings to Sell a Home? 2023 Report

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My clients want to know, how many showings on average does it take to sell a home? So for a number of years now I’ve been writing a local research report on the topic. Thankfully, we do have access to the necessary data through RMLS. We get daily buyer traffic reports and inventory reports. The smart lockboxes we use locally record every home buyer showing. The MLS records when an offer is finally accepted and the homes goes into pending status.

If you’re curious on the average number of days it takes to sell a home (annual reports), we have that for you.

If you’re curious what the current real estate market is up to in the Portland, Oregon metro area, we write up-to-date monthly reports.

How many active home buyers are touring right now?

The above report is a snapshot of daily home buyer traffic in Oregon, as covered by RMLS. In Oregon RMLS covers the entire Portland metro and most of the northern half of the state. The majority of the traffic captured in the chart above happens within the greater Portland metro area.

How much inventory is for sale in that same area?

The above graphic gives us an inventory snapshot for the same coverage area we get our buyer traffic reports from.

Let’s do the Math for March 2023. How many showings did it take for a home to go pending?

Number of showings in March 2023: 86,464.
Number of showings that resulted in a pending sale in March: 3,354.
Number of active listings receiving those 86,464 visitors: 5,551 (represents 15 showings each, but not all sold in that same month).
RMLS estimated time to sell through all the homes = 1.9 months.
Therefore 86,464 X 1.9 = 164,281 showings to sell through all the 5,551 March homes. 164,281 divided by 5,551 active listings equals 29 showings to sell a home on average.

Generally Speaking, the Hotter the Seller’s Market the Fewer Home Buyer Showings it Takes to go Pending.

Spring of each YearAverage Number of Showings to Sell a HomeGeneral Real Estate Market Conditions
202329Slightly Warm Sellers Market
202217Historically Hot Sellers Market
202125Hot Sellers Market
202024Hot Sellers Market

How to Best Avoid the Hassle of Showing Your Home

  1. If possible sell the home vacant. I know it isn’t always possible for many homeowners. However, if you can possibly swing it, we had done the research locally that shows, year over year, vacant homes sell better than owner occupied homes. See the reports for yourself.
  2. If you need to stay there, try if you can, to be out for the first weekend (or as much as you can during the day). Typically the only time a home has a rush of buyers visiting it is the first weekend. If a home doesn’t sell in the first weekend, typically the showing requests after that are one a day or one every few days. Read our report here on what day of the week do most buyers tour homes, for more information.
  3. Thankfully all of the Realtors in our area use the same showing-scheduling software. This means I can make home showings as easy as possible on my clients. We can block out dates and times that don’t work in advance, we can set required notices. We can make every showing subject to seller approval. There are a whole range of options we have to work with to make the experience as comfortable as possible for our clients.

Work with an Experience Real Estate Agent

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