In 2023 so far, 19.92% of homes sold for cash.

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Local Real Estate Market Research

Licensed since 2003, I’ve had to handle a lot of my client’s questions along the way. My small team is approaching 3,000 local home sales. So you can multiply that number by say a dozen and get a rough idea of the number of questions coming my way. One of my favorite ways to answer starts with, “I wrote a greater Portland real estate market research report on that and the answer is _.”

The Impact of Cash Offers

Home buyers and home sellers want to know how much cash is getting thrown around in the greater Portland metro real estate market. Home buyers want to know because they’re concerned their financed or even contingent (on their home selling) offer, won’t be able to compete in a real estate market chalk full of cash buyers. Home sellers want to know because they tend to prefer cash buyers (no finance contingency that runs all the way to the day of closing) and aren’t there tons of buyers still coming up from California with cash to buy my Portland area home? (See how I like to answer these questions with research reports?)

Properly Dividing the Market Data

Even within a single metro, there are markets within markets. The condo market can be cold while the detached single family market is hot. Downtown can be cold while suburbs are hot. Luxury properties can be hot while median priced homes sales are cold. Markets within real estate markets.

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The Percentage of Real Estate Cash Offers in 2023

We are going to properly divide the data and give a few different markets within markets for your consideration.

First Quarter 2023 Closed Sales (01/01/2023 – 04/30/2023)All Closed SalesCash OffersDetached Homes Under 1 MillionCash Offers
Entire Portland Metro (Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties)5,6001,116 or 19.92%3,919646 or 16.48%
Condos / Townhomes Under 1 MillionCash OffersLuxury Detached (1 Million and Over)Cash Offers
1,153255 or 22.11%355111 or 31.26%
Luxury Condo / Townhomes (1 Million and Over)Cash Offers
1814 or 77.77%
Numbers from RMLS

Year over Year Reporting Gives Even Great Insights

Stay tuned. This is the first year I’m running the cash offers report for our metro, but like so many of my other reports, once I get started I keep them coming annually. This gives great insight into trends and where we are at during an exact moment in time in the market. For example, I’m curious if there are more cash offers in 2023 due to high interest rates. What will happen when interest rates drop? We’ll find out.

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