How Many Real Estate Agents Are There in Portland, Oregon and the U.S.? – 2018

how many real estate agents are there

Number of Real Estate Agents in the United States

According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 Member Report, there are 1.22 million Realtors as of March 2017. The median experience level of Realtors was 10 years. The median age of Realtors was 53. The typical number of annual transactions per Realtor was 12.

Number of Real Estate Agents in Portland, Oregon

How many are real estate agents are in Portland, Oregon? To answer that question we’ll look at the two major Realtor associations in the area and the MLS (multiple listing service) that covers the entirety of the Portland metro area, RMLS, which stands for Regional Multiple Listing Service.

First of all, it is important to know that the Portland Metro is covered by two main Realtor associations: the Portland Metro Association of Realtors (PMAR) and East Metro Association of Realtors (EMAR).

Portland Metro Association of Realtors

According to their website PMAR is the 30th largest Realtor association in the United States with over 7,800 members.

East Metro Association of Realtors

This association headquartered in Gresham, Oregon lists 980 Realtors on its website. Both Portland Realtor associations have a board of directors, staff, and an event calendar for continuing education and meetings.

Regional Multiple Listing Service

According to their website, RMLS serves 13,000 real estate professionals in over 2,600 offices throughout Oregon and SW Washington. This 13,000 number is primarily from PMAR and EMAR, but also includes the Clark County Association of Realtors in Washington and a few smaller associations. According to the Clark County Association of Realtors there are over 1,600 members.

The total number of local real estate agents.

Bottom line, between the two Portland associations, there are roughly 8,800 Realtors in Portland.

If you’re counting the Vancouver metro area as well, there are roughly 10,400 Realtors in the Portland metro.

If you’re looking at the entire northern half of Oregon, including the coast and the Dalles (RMLS’ main service area) there are roughly 13,000 real estate agents.

If you’re interested in finding out the total number of Realtors in the state of Oregon, the Oregon Association of Realtors has the answer, according to their website there are nearly 16,000 members. As you can tell the vast majority of those Realtors are in the Portland, Oregon metro area.

Confused as to the difference between a real estate agent, broker, and a Realtor? We answer that question in our blog, click here.

There are so many real estate agents, how do I choose one?

Review their sales record, client reviews, and compare their services. Both sales records and client reviews are independently verified on Some agents also use additional third-party companies to verify their reviews (we do both, see our excellent, verified client reviews here). Right now, other than looking up the agent on Zillow or there are not a lot of excellent ways for the public to see that agent’s sales history. Asking for recommendations is great, but that person may have an unusually good experience with a certain agent, while lots of other people did not. This is why it is a good idea to look for an agent that has lots of verified reviews and sales, in my opinion. Again, make sure these are actually client reviews, is not a great source as anyone can leave a review whether or not they actually did business with that agent. Lots of friends and family leave reviews on Yelp and on Google business pages.

Of course, I hope you check out our client reviews, extensive sales record, and top 1% listing agent services and top 1% buyer’s agent services in the Portland Metro area. There are thousands of real estate agents to choose from, but they are not all the same, not even close!

Also, you can check the agent’s license status at the Oregon Association of Realtor’s website. It is rare for someone to pose as a licensed Broker or real estate agent in Oregon, but it does happen.

December 12, 2017

Stephen FitzMaurice

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