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Bypass MLS Limitations

MLS systems in Oregon and Washington limit the number of photos and severely limit the written description space (500 characters including spaces) provided for each home for sale. While the limitations may be enough to satisfactorily convey the essentials of a typical three bedroom two bath Ranch on a standard lot, they severely hamper the ability to market a luxury home of significant size, amenities, or features.

Creating Downloadable Brochures on Zillow, Redfin, MLS+

Every marketer knows you have to reach the buyer where they are. Creating a magazine quality print out of a luxury home and leaving it on the kitchen counter does nothing. Today, ample and repeated research shows that public online portals and online MLS Realtor systems lead to over 90% of all home sales in the U.S. The home buyer is online using their favorite sites. The Realtor is online, using their local MLS system.

But how to bypass the MLS limitations?

Thankfully the Oregon and Washington MLS systems allow multiple PDF brochures that our graphic design team can create to fit the exact needs of any luxury home. Whether it is creating an upgrade brochure, garden brochure (with extra in-season photos), additional photos brochure, building by building or room by room brochures, historical brochures, area amenities brochures, or something new will we create just for your property, it can be uploaded and made available to every agent using our local MLS systems. (Unfortunately many local luxury real estate agents are not taking advantage of this ability.)

However, the local MLS systems in Oregon and Washington do not syndicate out these online brochures. They are not fed to the thousands of websites the MLS feeds data to (such as Zillow, etc.). And what is worse, the major real estate portals have no option for uploading these brochures into their systems. They copy the MLS information, the limited photo set and limited description space, with little to no ability to add anything else.

But every major public real estate search website does provide a virtual tour link that is specific to the property for sale. So we create an unbranded, simple website (so it is compliant with thousands of different sites) on behalf of the luxury home with one click download PDF brochures containing as much information and photos as we care to convey, beautifully designed by our local team that visited and carefully toured the property themselves. The site also contains a 3D home tour and floorplan, standard for every luxury home we sell.

3D Home Tours, Zillow 3D and or Matterport

For every home we sell, luxury property or not, we provide a Zillow 3D tour. This tour features prominently on Zillow but will also show on all the other major websites. Since Zillow is the number one visited real estate website by home buyers in the U.S. (by a long margin), we do everything we can to tweak their algorithims so our homes show higher in their search results. Providing a Zillow 3D tour does this (among other tactics we use). For most homes the Zillow 3D tour is more than enough, but for those that prefer Matterport, we are also happy to provide the service. Click button to go to the Matterport website for their most recent examples (the technology is constantly improving).

What day works for you?

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We’d love to stop by and visit your home, share our value estimate, give tips to prepare the home for market, and display all the tools we use to sell our client’s luxury homes faster and for more.

Luxury Home Drone Photos

Aerial (drone) home photos are typically important for two reasons:

  • The lot is 1/3 acre or bigger and a ground level photo will not do the land justice.
  • There is a spectacular view and we need to display it in all of its glory.

If either of these criteria is met, drone photos can provide the dramatic edge that sells a luxury home.

Extensive Global Marketing Efforts

The MLS systems in Oregon and Washington have a practically non-existent global reach. While the MLS systems here syndicate faithfully to nearly every U.S. real estate search site (numbering in the tens of thousands), they have no significant global reach. Most U.S. based real estate websites (including the top names you would recognize) have little to no global reach or presence, meaning there is no second level of syndication that would cause the home to be search for and seen globally.

After completing thorough research, we partnered with the most extensive global marketing program we could find. Our global marketing program displays our luxury homes in over 64 developed countries, translating the property’s description into the local language and price into the local currency. The global syndication program places the luxury home on the top portals for each country. This is in addition to the international networking opportunities provided to us through EXP Realty, a tech-forward real estate company numbering over 80,000 agents worldwide.

Luxury Home Marketing Summary

We are ready to implement our cutting-edge marketing tools to reach a world-wide luxury home buyer pool. We provide all of these marketing services for a luxury home on top of our already top-notch marketing program at no extra charge for luxury homes. We charge a max. commission rate of 4% in the greater Portland metro and in SW Washington. Ask us if your home qualifies. These additional services are necessary for a potential home buyer to understand the depth, the true picture of any luxury property. I’d love to schedule an interview, (in person, at the home if possible) and we can go over the marketing options to match your home together.

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