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Most luxury real estate agents are not able to provide a complete picture of the home to a prospective buyer. They are forced to rely on the limitations our local MLS system provides. This service limits the entire description of the home to a mere 500 characters (including spaces). Any experienced home buyer or real estate agent knows that a paragraph or two cannot possibly convey all the highlights in a home over 3,000 sq. ft, they also know that a paragraph or two description cannot suffice to convey the thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars spent on a luxury home to make it truly significant. We go beyond the local MLS restrictions, far – far beyond to market and sell luxury homes throughout Oregon and Washington.

Big Data to Find Luxury Buyers

Big Data in Real Estate
Big Data helps us to reach buyers in the niche luxury home market with increased frequency and effectiveness.

Big Data can determine:

  1. How much the buyer makes (if they are qualified to purchase your home).
  2. If they are planning to move soon.
  3. Where they are planning to buy, including if they are relocating to your area from anywhere else in the world.

We can reach virtually 100% of the Big Data determined, available, luxury home buyer pool (in the tens of thousands) with target social media advertisements that use our 3D walk-through, drone videos, custom brochures, professional photos, and more – all at once.

3D Home Modeling

3D Portland Home Tour
Think of it as Google street-view for your home. This is the next leap forward in home selling. Walk through the property effortlessly, looking in any direction you choose. Scroll out to see the doll house view, pop back in where ever you’d like. It is the closest thing to being there yourself and far more engaging and useful than any other video or virtual tour out there. Additionally, we have a method to display it on tens of thousands of real estate websites. Click here to go to the Matterport website for their most recent examples (the technology is constantly improving).

Luxury Real Estate Agent
Luxury Real Estate Agent

What day works for you?

We’d love to stop by and visit your home, share our value estimate, give tips to prepare the home for market, and display all the tools we use to sell our client’s luxury homes faster and for more.

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Luxury Home Drone Videos

Portland Drone Ariel Home Video
Aerial (drone) home videos are important for two reasons:

  1. The lot is 1/3 acre or bigger and a photo will not do the land justice.
  2. There is a spectacular view and we need to display it in all of its glory.

If either of these criteria is met, a drone video can be the dramatic edge that sells a luxury home. Similar to the other services mentioned, we can display this ariel video on tens of thousands of real estate websites. Click here for one of our ariel video examples.

Luxury Home Brochures

Portland Home Brochures
A custom luxury home brochure allows us to communicate at length about your property. We can display as many pictures as it takes with unlimited space to write about each and every highlight. We have employed an in-house graphic designer for this purpose. In addition to custom home brochures, we create garden brochures and area information brochures specific to the home as needed.

These luxury brochures would not carry a marketing punch if they were simply left on your kitchen counter. No, they need to be displayed where the luxury home buyer is – online. We have a way to display these brochures with all of their extra information on tens of thousands of real estate websites.

Extensive Global Marketing Efforts

luxury real estate global agent
After completing thorough research, we partnered with the most extensive global marketing program money can buy. Our global marketing program displays our luxury homes in nearly every developed country in the world, translating the property’s description into the local language and price into the local currency.

Luxury Home Marketing Summary

We are ready to implement our cutting-edge marketing tools to reach a world-wide luxury home buyer pool. We provide all of these marketing services for a luxury home on top of our already top-notch marketing program for no extra charge, for all luxury homes. Ask us if your home qualifies. These additional services are necessary for a potential home buyer to understand the depth, the true picture of any luxury property. I’d love to be interviewed (in person, at your home if possible) and we can go over all of our marketing options together.