Portland Oregon Radon Map 2013

portland radon map

As a Portland real estate agent I’ve noticed that Radon testing is a growing trend, it has become more and more popular to test every home for Radon levels in the greater Portland Metro Area. It seems these days you can hardly find a home inspector that does not also include a Radon test option (for more money of course). I do not expect this trend to go away.

If you are selling a Portland home you can expect the buyer will most likely test your home for Radon levels! It is to your advantage to be prepared and perhaps conduct the test ahead of time so you know what you’re dealing with. (Surprises are never good for real estate transactions.) Radon mitigation (reducing the amount to a safe level) can run as low as 1500 but as high as 5 or 6 thousand dollars. Check the Portland Radon Map below to see the chances your home will fail the test.

If you are buying a Portland home you may be advised to test the home for dangerous levels of Radon before purchasing. To help you with that end, check the Portland Radon Map below.

Now I’ll share my insider information as a local Portland real estate agent. Please keep in mind I am not a Radon expert or a home inspector and you should visit the EPA website and educate yourself on the dangers of Radon. That being said, if the home does not have a basement, nearly 100% of the time the home will not fail the Radon test. The only time I’ve seen homes with crawlspaces fail a Radon test is when the home owner stops up his crawlspace vents. I highly – highly recommend everyone in Portland to stop insulating (covering up) their crawlspace vents. This may cause your utilities bills to rise a tiny amount, but it is worth it. A trapped crawlspace allows dangerous gases like Radon to build up and seep into the house (because they have no where else to go). If your home has a crawlspace, make sure the vents are clean and open (especially if you fall in a dangerous area on the Portland Radon Map). If you have a basement, test for Radon, simple as that. You need to test for the safety of whoever lives in the home.

If you are really curious about what Radon is and how it can be dangerous visit the EPA website (www.epa.gov). Here is a direct link to their Radon page.

March 21, 2013

Stephen FitzMaurice

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