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This is a top 100 real estate blog in the world according to Feedspot.com. In particular, this is a local real estate blog written by a top 1% real estate agent in the U.S., Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor. Stephen regularly reports on the greater Portland metro area’s real estate market including annual housing forecasts and best time to sell or buy a home reports. He gives home selling and home buying professional advice. He also writes informative articles on Portland neighborhoods and suburbs as they relate to the real estate market. Finally, he writes to inform the general public about real estate agents, such as annual average real estate agent commission reports and more.

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Rock with engraving welcoming you to Sherwood

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Sherwood, Oregon

March 22, 2021

Tucked into a quiet corner of the Tualatin Valley, Sherwood is a suburb of Portland that doesn’t feel like a suburb so much as its own quiet town. Centered around a quaint downtown, this little nook of the greater Portland area exudes history and charm. But while Sherwood maintains a small town feel, don’t mistake that for small town thinking. There’s something for everyone in this community, whether you’re looking for arts and culture, dining, or peace and quiet. Today let’s take a peek at five of the most interesting – and little known – aspects of Sherwood, Oregon, one of the best kept secrets in the Portland suburb market. #1 – Yes, There Is a Connection to Robin Hood...

fixer upper home

How to Buy (and Remodel) a Fixer in Portland: 2021 Update

March 19, 2021

Do you have the itch to try your hand at buying a fixer upper in the Portland real estate market? You could see a ton of benefits to this plan. You can design certain elements of the home to your own taste, for example. Or you might think of it as cutting out the middle man; by doing repairs yourself, you could be spending less than you would on a move-in ready home. But fixing up a fixer upper comes with its own brand of complications. Some folks might buy a house cheap and pay out of pocket for repairs, but that’s pretty unusual unless the repairs are minimal. Most of the time what you’re looking at is taking out...

School bus is moving on bridge with green traffic light

How School Ratings Alter Portland Home Values in 2021

March 17, 2021

Whether you’re buying or selling, the school district of the home in question will inevitably come into play. A home’s value is assessed both prior to listing and prior to sale. For more information on this see our explanation of inspection versus appraisal. The long and short of it is: school ratings are murky territory. Schools don’t exactly get appraised the way a home does. But they do affect a home’s value. Let’s take a look at how that works and how you can better traverse the murky. 1. What Constitutes a High-Ranking School? First we’ll start off with the basics. What does a high-ranking school even mean? Well, that’s part of the problem. How a school becomes ranked isn’t...

Portland, Oregon, USA downtown skyline with Mt. Hood at dawn.

7 Reasons to Buy a House in Portland in 2021

March 15, 2021

Yes, Portland is a hot seller’s market right now, no question. So why would we encourage you to buy a home in Portland at this particular moment? Well, for one thing, your search for a home may take a while. We just completed a 5 step tip list to buying a home in a seller’s market here. And you deserve that time to find what’s right for you. Just because it’s a seller’s market in Portland right now doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever. So the best thing you can do to ensure you find the right home for you is to start looking as soon as you feel the itch. Today we’ll be looking at 7 reasons to...

Hawthorne Bridge by waterfront condominiums over Willamette River in downtown Portland Oregon United States America

Portland Real Estate Market Report: March 2021

March 12, 2021

We’ve been following the low inventory in the Portland real estate market for a while now. But now that we’re into March – marking a year since the pandemic came into being full tilt – we’re also likely looking at a huge change in inventory on the horizon. We believe that a lot of folks have been holding off on listing their home during Covid-19. On top of that, as unfortunate as it is, foreclosures will likely spike once stays on foreclosing end, which will happen eventually. So while low inventory is one of the biggest Portland real estate market news stories so far in 2021, a wave of new inventory may be the next big story. Let’s take a...

hot portland sellers real estate market

5 Steps to Buy a House in Portland’s Scorching Hot Seller’s Market

March 10, 2021

We can hash out the details of why Portland is such a seller’s real estate market all we want. Demand is high, inventory is low, and that’s driving prices up. But digging into the dirty details doesn’t practically help buyers who are looking to secure a house in Portland now. Life doesn’t wait, and for some, when you’re ready to buy, you’re ready to buy – regardless of the market. So should you be discouraged by the Portland real estate market right now? We say the answer is no. For one thing, home prices aren’t expected to stop increasing. With interest rates at record lows, this is still a good time to buy – if you have the right team...

View of Chehalem Mountains and Tualatin River Valley in Beaverton Oregon USA America

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Aloha, Oregon

March 8, 2021

Once you cross over the western boundary of Beaverton, you’ll find yourself in a quiet but well-developed area called Aloha. Yes, like the Hawaiian word used as a greeting and as a signifier of peace and unity. (But also… not like that, as you’ll learn below.) Pronounced a-LOH-ah, this little suburb still lives up to its name, though. Remarkable because of its community engagement and natural beauty, Aloha makes an excellent place to settle down and make a home. Keep reading to learn 5 things you perhaps didn’t know about Aloha, Oregon. #1 – There’s a Reason Why Aloha is Pronounced the Way It Is (We Think) Full honesty, the history of how Aloha got its name is a little...

On a white background, a small house with a window in the form of a heart lies in a cart from a supermarket. Horizontal photo. The concept is housing affordability

Portland Home Affordability Rate: 2021 Report

March 5, 2021

Housing affordability is a universal and complex topic. So is the global pandemic we’re all navigating. Portland’s shortage of inventory hasn’t helped housing affordability over the past year, nor has it shown any signs so far of slowing. When it comes to buying a home in Portland, how should prospective buyers wade these troubled waters? First and foremost, let’s educate ourselves. How is affordability calculated, and how does it affect the average buyer? What are the primary forces influencing the market right now? The more you understand about the Portland real estate market, the more you’ll be able to cash in on the most affordable home for you. How Affordable Is Portland Real Estate? According to the latest RMLS data,...

Fake Classified Ad, newspaper, real estate concept.

Top 5 Real Estate News Stories of 2021 So Far

March 3, 2021

As much as we may be sick of hearing about it, the long and the short of it remains that Covid-19 continues to dominate the biggest real estate news stories. While some aspects of the market are undeterred by the pandemic – buyer demand, notably – others remain markedly affected. As 2021 unfolds, the virus still complicates real estate trends. Today we’re rounding up the top five real estate news stories. But we’re also parsing how national trends intersect with local ones. From the Federal Reserve’s interest rates to the government vaccine roll out, let’s take a dive into how the Portland real estate market has been affected by national forces, local idiosyncrasies, and a global pandemic. 1. Record Low...

home inspection vs appraisal

What is a Home Inspection and Appraisal? Must know facts.

March 1, 2021

Buying a home is one of the most complex transactions most people navigate in the course of their life. (Though selling a home while buying another just could top it!) When the financial stakes are that high, things inevitably get complicated – and that’s not to mention the emotional stakes of deciding on a new home. So it makes sense that the process is involved. That doesn’t make it any easier. The home inspection period is one of the most stressful parts of the home buying period. Am I buying a lemon? Is there something underlying that is going to cost me big in the end? Then comes the appraisal – which can seem like just another inspection! So what’s...