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Spring buying season is here and Portland home sellers will need to make some big decisions.
Picking a great real estate agent is first. After that, it would be a good idea to start thinking about who will help you stage and photograph your home.

Is staging really that important? It depends. If you have a big vacant home (2200+ Sq. Ft.) I think it is. If you have a small vacant home typically the buyer’s imagination is enough. If you are currently living in your home, think of the stager as an interior designer with a focus not on what you want, but what sells (what the market wants). My recommended stagers do whole house consultations and it is not expensive. Consider this. According to the Real Estate Stagers’ Association, homes that are staged before they’re sold spend on average 73% less time on the market, and they typically sell for more money. When you think about it, you really can’t afford not to have a professional come in and help your home look its very best before you put it on the market.

I actually think that staging and getting photographs taken is one of the most fun parts of selling a home. Much more fun than signing paperwork, anyway! Staging your home is like remodeling, but way less work. A professional home stager comes in with an outsider’s perspective, and sees the areas of your home that are likely to get buyers excited, and where they might need a little help seeing the potential.

If your home has been lived in, the first thing you’ll probably need to do is organize and downsize a bit, or at least move some things out. The buyers will want to see what storage space is available, and they can’t if it’s already full of stuff!

Once your home is cleared out a little, your home stager can recommend how to use the furnishings and accessories you already have to display each room in the most appealing way. Or, your home stager can take the reins for maximum effect — maybe adding a little paint, changing up some rooms, or adding strategic lighting to make a room feel bigger or cozier. I’m always stunned by how the professional home stagers I work with here in Portland transform my clients’ homes from ho-hum to WOW.

Professional photography is an important companion to expert home staging. You know what your home looks like in person, but most buyers will be just glancing at photos online before they decide to view it themselves. Those photos should sell! Maybe not surprisingly, buyers surveyed by NAR (National Association of Realtors) voted photos as more important than price, location, or description!

I’m such a big believer in professional photography I include it as part of my comprehensive listing package. I know that it’s helped me become a Top 5% real estate agent in the U.S. Well staged and photographed homes get more views online, more shares on social media, and more offers!

Give your home the glamour treatment with tasteful staging and eye-grabbing photos. Contact me to get some great referrals to professionals I work with in the Portland area.

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When my wife and I decided to sell our home we started to search for agents who work for less than the 6% standard commission. Slightly skeptical, I decided to call Stephen for a consultation. Stephen came very prepared with comp sales, marketing techniques, and several other items pertaining to the sale I never would have considered. We sold in six days.