Should I trust Portland Real Estate Agent Reviews?

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Can you trust Portland real estate agent reviews?

I’ve made it a policy to get real estate agent reviews from my clients. I want to know if I provided the highest level of customer service – or not. I’ve collected over 100 positive Portland real estate agent reviews, see them here, and an award called Five Star Professional, which surveys thousands of home owners and home buyers in order to give out customer service awards in real estate. I feel good about the great reviews I’ve received over the years. When people visit my website or other websites where my reviews are located often they are impressed. However, I know some have had serious doubts when seeing online Portland real estate agent reviews – believing they can’t trust them. So I’d like to address that issue here.

Important websites verify their real estate agent reviews.

Zillow (the number one real estate website) has a couple of verification methods to ensure that the Portland real estate agent in question actually completed the sale and represented that client. Sales are recorded with the county and with RMLS (our local multiple listing service). When Zillow suspects an agent reported a false sale or false review, they often ask for these records to verify the sales information. They have checks in place and can tell when an agent is trying to submit his or her own reviews. Each review must come from an unique source.

Trulia (the number two real estate website) also verifies sales data and client reviews using similar methods. Here the reviews are called “recommendations.”

This is why all of the reviews found on this website originated from Zillow or Trulia direct. They are exact copies, so my clients can trust the reviews they find here.

Not all websites verify reviews or sales. Reviews on Google Pages and Facebook Pages are often not verified and you can’t really be sure if they are genuine. If you are on a personal real estate agent’s website they are probably not verified unless you can find them on another source (like Zillow or Trulia).

Bottom Line: A top Portland real estate agent should have over a hundred positive online reviews on verified, trustworthy sources.

December 17, 2013

Stephen FitzMaurice

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