Top 10 Real Estate Websites by Traffic – 2018

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What are the top real estate websites by traffic? This information is hard to come by! Most of what you can find online is completely outdated and list websites that no longer exist, and haven’t for years! No longer, read below for the most current 2018 data on top real estate website traffic.

Top Real Estate Websites have Grown in Power

National real estate websites have grown in traffic at an amazing pace and have a huge impact on the national and local real estate markets. Most buyers are not using their local MLS websites or local Realty or real estate agent websites to find properties. Most buyers are looking on these mega sites. So it is important to know which of these sites is truly king and what the pecking order is. For reliable home search results, most Realtors I know recommend or a local search site like the MLS or something a local Realty company or agent has branded – but is still local and extremely accurate. Zillow is the biggest player below, but is not known for having accurate data.

Home Buyers Increasingly Rely on Real Estate Websites

According to the National Association of Realtors 2017 report, 95% of buyers look online for their next home. There is a very good chance they are using one or more of the below websites. This is why we pay extra to 4 out of the top 5 real estate websites for extra branding or featuring (pushing our listings to the top) for our clients. We sell faster and for more because we recognize and utilize the power of the top 10 real estate websites.

What is a top real estate website?

Now when I’m talking about the top 10 real estate websites, for this article’s sake, I’m referring to those sites that are primarily used by home buyers to find and purchase their next home. We are – not – considering top rental sites in this article or real estate informative websites like HGTV or For interest sake, I will also let you know what some of the top commercial real estate websites are for commercial buyers.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites by Traffic 2018

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Real Estate Website Traffic (Jan. – Mar. 2018) Average Time on Site
#1 533.5 Million 7:47 Minutes
#2 207.3 Million 7:29 Minutes
#3 154.5 Million 5:13 Minutes
#4 102.3 Million 4:44 Minutes
#5 36.52 Million 4:07 Minutes
#6 17.14 Million 4:16 Minutes
#7 14.31 Million 3:29 Minutes
#8 10.06 Million 5:49 Minutes
#9 7.67 Million 3:43 Minutes
#10 7.36 Million 2:49 Minutes

*Quick note here that Zillow owns but they are seperate sites.
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Top Real Estate Websites 2018 Runners-up

11. with 7.34 million and 7:52 duration. 12. with 6.33 million and 5:36 duration. 13. with 4.55 million and 5:34 duration. 14. with 3.92 million and 8:20 duration. 15. with 3.34 million and 2:28 duration.
*Quick note here that Costar Group owns and above.

Top Commercial Real Estate Websites 2018

  1., 19.41 million, 6:01 duration.
  2., 3.31 million, 11:55 duration.
  3., 1.24 million, 3:15 duration.

*Quick note that Costar Group owns Costar, Loopnet, and!

A Good Real Estate Agent Knows Their Stuff!

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