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Buying a home in Portland? Information is power — that’s why real estate agents love maps. We can’t think of a better way to bring data to life and understand what’s happening in a given Portland neighborhood than with a map. You already know that you can easily find neighborhood boundaries, transit information and more on Google maps, but maps can offer so much more than navigation. Here are five reasons to explore different Portland maps today, including three of our favorites to get you started.

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  1. Reduce the clutter. Now, not all maps are going to do this for you, but we have one that actually does. When you type in the area you’re interested in, you just see the homes available displayed on a map, and options to further refine the search. No banner ads, no pop-ups, no real estate agent ads.  Check it out
  2. One-stop shop for public information. Why dig through zoning maps, tax records, and crime statistics to find out basic information about a given property? Created by the City of Portland itself, organizes all city data and provides it in an easy-to-read format. Enter a specific address or just click on the map to check out different homes and neighborhoods. The map extends beyond Portland itself to surrounding communities in the Metro area, though all data may not be complete for these locations. 
  3. Prevent disaster. also has a gallery of maps covering everything from historic sites to marijuana grow permit applications. Because some areas of Portland have a history of flooding, landslides and even earthquakes, we recommend that every real estate buyer (or their agent) check out the maps under the “Natural Hazards” category. These include Wildfire, Flood and Geological Hazards maps. Geological Hazards is a good place to start to see if a property is built on a steep slope or in an area more prone to earthquakes. 
  4. Trust the source. It’s incredibly easy to find the wrong information on the internet, especially when it comes to real estate. Outdated listing information, confusing charts, and discussion-board chatter all contribute to the info-mess. Fortunately, official City of Portland maps and real estate map search engines powered by real-time RMLS data (like ours) provide verified results. Of course, it’s possible to find maps that are based on sketchy information: Always dig a little deeper to see who created the map and how they did the research.
  5. Have some fun. Maps can be beautiful, a portal to view Portland in a whole different way. Check out this colorful Age of the City map created by a local designer (using official Portland data for accuracy).

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