Top 5 Front Door Colors to Sell Your Home in 2020

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We’re not exaggerating when we say that home buyers really, really love a freshly painted front door. In fact, a recent study by Zillow found that this one upgrade can add thousands to the final sales price of a home. 

But what color to choose? Popularity matters, but so does matching with the paint scheme and style of the home. Keep this in mind as you read through our top real estate agent picks for front door colors that make Portland buyers say “Wow!”

#5 Top Door Color: Natural wood

Portland has so many lovely craftsman style homes and bungalows that do well with an unpainted, stained-wood door. Wood has a neutral brown color that exudes comfort and warmth. It pairs well with just about any home color. Think twice before painting that original door!

#4 Top Door Color: Dark blue

A dark blue door on a red-brick home: Ooh, la la! Dark blue doors also pair well with stucco, wood shingles and just about any other tone of light-colored siding. Deeper shades of blue speak of elegance and style; home buyers stepping up to a blue door will be curious to find out what’s behind it. 

#3 Top Door Color: Red

Patriotic, bold, cheerful and welcoming, a red front door will put a smile on anyone’s face. In addition, as any fashionista will tell you, red goes well with just about any other color. Avoid a red door on a mauve or orangey colored home — these colors will clash. Also, careful here, I’m not sure how well the Pacific Northwest likes a bright red door, this might do better in other parts of the county. Regionally here home buyers often like Earth tones (but a front door is an opportunity to make a color scheme pop).

#2 Top Door Color: Charcoal grey

For those who didn’t do any barbecuing this summer, charcoal is the darkest shade of grey you can get before stepping into pure black. Not only is a grey front door stately while remaining neutral, it will also stay clean-looking for a long time. It’s a top pick among Portland home owners, and home buyers. Keep in mind, this goes well with the modern pallet of monochrome finishes inside and out, but can also work with various Earth tones.

#1 Top Door Color: Jet black

When combined with a white or grey trim and siding, a black door really sets off a home. There’s a reason that, when Zillow analyzed paint colors that made a difference for home sale price both inside and outside the home, the dark grey or black front door was the one that created the biggest price differential, all other factors held constant. How much more does a home with a black door sell for? $6,271, according to their analysis of 135,000 photos of homes that sold between 2010-2018. Just make sure this door fits the rest of the exterior.

Front Door Staging

Repainting your front door? Take a look at the whole scene and be sure your front door color pops by updating hardware and eliminating distractions in your entryway.

  • Pay attention to hardware color. Door handles and locks should match, and be a contrasting color to stand out from your door. Brushed aluminum looks great with a red or blue door; black doors do well with brushed brass or silver. It is best if all your fixture finishes throughout the home match.
  • Keep accessibility in mind. Many Portland home shoppers are looking for universal design. Lever-style door handles are preferred over latches or knobs, and the bigger, the better. 
  • Upgrade lighting. During the darker fall and winter months in Portland, home showings may happen after the sun goes down. Be sure your front porch light is functional and clean of cobwebs and debris. While your at it, upgrade to LED bulbs for attractive cost savings.
  • Avoid clutter. Why distract from your beautiful front door? One potted plant or a small statue is fine on a small front porch, but if stoop space is limited, eliminate decor altogether. 

Looking for more tips on selling your Portland home? Our top 1% Portland seller’s agents have a few! Call us today. 

October 28, 2019

Stephen FitzMaurice

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