Top 5 Front Door Colors to Sell your Home in 2023

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The exterior door of your home has multi-purpose functions: first and foremost, it keeps you and your family safe and secure and protects your home’s interior from the elements, and it also enhances your home’s aesthetic for curb appeal. Choosing an eye-catching color that revitalizes your home is an inexpensive way to give its facade a refresh, help it stand out from all the other homes on your block, adding value, and ultimately, make it more marketable.

In this article, we’re looking at the top five exterior door color choices into 2023. The theme? Think post-pandemic, no-limits creativity. This doesn’t mean, though, that we’re likely to see a free-for-all. Basic color theory still applies.

How to Apply Color Theory to Your Home’s Exterior Paint Colors

Before we get to the top five exterior door colors for 2023, let’s take a very brief look at color theory. So, what is it? Color theory, simply put, is the science and art of using color. Why do we need to understand it? To create interesting color combinations that make a statement without being off putting. Color creates emotion, and the last thing you want to do is combine colors that create uncomfortable feelings in people who enter your home, and especially when it comes time to sell.

All you need to remember is that there are four ways to approach color selection for your home: complementary, triadic, analogous, and monochrome. When we take a look at this interactive color wheel from Canva, it’s easy to understand how the relationship between colors works. (Tip: You can select which of the four modes of color matching you want to use, then move the circles on the wheel to see what you get. The closer to the outside of the wheel you move the circles, the more vibrant the colors. The closer to the center of the wheel you move them, the more muted and earthy.

Complementary color selection simply means choosing colors that appear opposite each other on the wheel. Triadic color selection means choosing colors that appear in a triangular orientation to each other on the wheel. Analogous means the colors are next to each other on the wheel. And monochrome means the colors are in the same hue but in different shades. Here are a few examples using the same base muted teal color.

From this simple exercise using one base color, you can begin to see the virtually endless color combinations you can create with some pretty stunning effects.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at the top five exterior paint colors for 2023.

5. Natural-Material Colored Exterior Doors

Just as people are wanting to bring natural elements indoors after these past couple of years, keeping it simple and natural on the outside is also a theme. When we say “natural,” we talking wood, metal, and glass doors.

Imagine a light wood door with a large glass inset on a dark gray Mid-century Modern home. Or how about a solid dark wood brown door against an olive green shake single house?

If you like a warm, natural, earthy vibe, this is option is for you. And it will create a gracious, cordial entrance for your guests.

4. Monochromatic Exterior Door Colors

Want to keep it simple? Go with a monochromatic color scheme. You can achieve some beautiful, and even dramatic effects with this approach. Take, for instance, this beautiful home shown below with a dark gray door against a darker gray exterior.

Elegant and simple, monochromatic is an ideal choice for those who love a classy aesthetic.

3. Bright and Vibrant Exterior Door Colors

After the restraint we’ve endured, people are yearning to bust boundaries. One way to accomplish that is to choose bright, vibrant colors for the exterior of your home. If painting the entire home a “risky” color makes you uncomfortable, keep it tame and go all in on the door. This Bold Avocado door (by Behr) is a great example.

If avocado green is not your hue, consider these statement-making color combinations.

  • A dark turquoise door on a yellow house
  • A muted purple-blue door on a mustard-gold house
  • A deep coral rose door on a light mint green house
  • A rust orange door on a navy blue house

Some of these might sound a little out there, but they all work well together, in terms of color theory, and will make an unforgettable statement and create enticing curb appeal for your home.

2. Red Exterior Doors Against Brick Facades

Does a red door sound way too garish for your tastes? Surprisingly, a red door against a brick facade can create a vibrant, yet warm entrance to your home. Look at how the red door below, framed in black, complements the brick surrounding it.

Intrigued by the possibility of a red door? Check out these shades of red from Benjamin Moore: Sundried Tomato, Dinner Party, and New London Burgundy.

1. White Exterior Doors

This is going to sound like a contradiction after all this talk about color, but experts are saying that the top trend in 2023 will be a white, minimalist approach. Of course, you could take the monochrome route again (think: two different yet complimentary shades of white—one leaning toward ivory or ecru, one leaning toward bright, stark white), or you could flip the standard of a colorful door against a white house and put a white door against a pleasant, calming color, like the image below.

Image from Valspar

Paint your door before selling your home.

If you’re considering selling your home in the next 12 months, now is the time to consider a fresh re-paint for your front door. Why stop there? We also believe it would be the right time to schedule a no-obligation tour with a professional Realtor, to help determine your current market value and forecast your coming-soon value. Our top 1% seller’s agents would love to stop by your home and give advice on what improvements could produce the highest return on investment. If interested, we’d love to connect with you today. Give us a call or chat with the bot on this site.

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