Top Real Estate Agent Review Sites: 2020 Update

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For a long time, unverified online reviews were the bane of the real estate agent’s existence! Now it’s almost 2020, and we can finally celebrate the fact that actual customers are voicing their opinions online, creating a merit-based system in which the best real estate agents win

However, the saavy real estate agent chooser should know where to look, because fake reviews are still out there (and we’ve been hit ourselves with some bogus spam reviews from people who simply don’t exist. So where’s the best place to find verified reviews of real estate agents from people who actually worked with them? We’re glad you asked!

If you’re simply looking for reviews on the Stephen FitzMaurice Team, you can find verified reviews here on our website. We hire a third party to ensure that all the reviews are from people we’ve represented in Oregon and Washington, buying and selling real estate. (We’ve also earned numerous local customer service awards, sales awards, and additional educational certificates that you can check out here.) 

Still want to shop around for real estate agents on other teams? It’s not a bad idea to interview a couple buyers’ or sellers’ agents before picking one. Here are three websites that are leading the pack in 2020, providing verified reviews of agents and a seamless search experience. 

  1. Zillow. We love Zillow’s user-friendly interface for searching and sorting agent reviews. From the home page, click “Agent finder” in the top bar, then enter “Portland” (or wherever it is you’re looking for a real estate agent). When the search results come up, keep in mind that the three “featured agents” at the top of the page are paid advertisements. However, the actual search results displayed are agents who rose to the top because of their job performance in the real world— and searchers can rearrange the list of results by top-rated realtors, those with the most listings, or those with the most recent activity. There’s also a filtering function (click the Advanced arrow) to find real estate agents that specialize in a certain type of real estate.
  2. The official website of the National Association of Realtors has improved is Find Realtors function in the past year. Although the Find Realtors page (accessible in the top navigation bar of the site) is a bit more cluttered than Zillow’s search, the tools are powerful. Also, the default search filter when you initially visit the site, in my opinion, is total junk. It shows Realtors who have had the “most recent activity” and that is determined by the minute. So if you have one real estate agent who finally completed their first sale after three years in the industry – if you happen to check out’s Find Realtors section at that same moment – that Realtor will show up first. A minute by minute filter is useless. We recommend picking your area and then hitting most for sale, or most sold. Any real estate agent simply has to choose where they send their clients to leave reviews, and so we choose Zillow and not, but it is still the second best review system out their for real estate agents.
  3. Three Best Rated. Do you find yourself wishing someone would just read all the reviews of real estate agents and give you a top-three list? It’s been done. The website Three Best Rated provides a list of the “three best” in a variety of business categories for any given US city. Not only do they sift through hundreds of customer reviews, they also evaluate the business based on any awards they’ve received, the value of services, and their length of time in business. Businesses do not pay to be featured. Check out the list of the Three Best Rated real estate agents in Portland — you might recognize one!
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Stephen made the experience of selling my first house seamless. I live in another state but he kept me informed and moved the process along without a hitch. The only thing another agent could have done differently was charge a much higher commission. I only wish he was able help me purchase in my state. Highly recommend his service and business model.