What is a Showing Agent in Real Estate?

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It is pretty easy to tell the difference between a seller’s agent and a buyer’s agent in real estate, but what about a showing agent? Before I answer that question, I want you to know that in Oregon there is only one license, Broker, with two levels, Broker and Principal Broker. Real estate agent is not a licensed term, but is simply common vernacular. Realtor is an association term, it simply means that the licensed real estate Broker is a member of the National Association of Realtors and abides by their code of ethics. Confused? Check out our article, Realtor, Agent, Broker – What’s the Difference?

Now a buyer’s agent is common vernacular for a real estate agent who focuses their career on matching home buyers with their next property. A seller’s agent focuses their career on listing homes for their clients and getting them sold. Often a local real estate team is formed around a top producing seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. For example, my small top producing team of specialized seller’s agents and buyer’s agents have sold over 2,000 homes in the greater Portland metro area.

The Benefits of a Specialized Realtor

Why specialize in real estate? Hint, it is better for your clients and your own professional well being.

  1. Time management. When I got my Broker’s license in 2003, like many real estate agents I worked as both a buyer’s and seller’s agent. When I started getting busy I found myself driving all weekend showing homes and while I was driving offers were coming in on my phone for my seller’s listings. Everything happens on the weekends. My buyers wanted to tour and my sellers needed me to negotiate their offers. Impossible to do both at the same time. My clients are much happier now that I’m a focused seller’s agent and am available all days of the week to advise them and negotiate any offers that come in for their home. My home buying clients are much happier because they have an agent that is completely focused on finding them their next home, jumping and ready to go when that new dream home hits the market.
  2. Excellence. A seller’s agent is focused on marketing their client’s homes well so they sell faster and for more. Due to my focus on selling homes over the last decade, I’m better at it. We spend money strategically on the top real estate websites in order to push our client’s listings to the top. I’ve done extensive research on what remodeling helps a home sell faster and for more. I’ve done extensive research on the best time of year to sell a home (seasonal impact) and the worst.
  3. Personality. Most successful buyer’s agents are heavy extraverts that enjoy being in the car touring homes with clients all day. Seller’s agents certainly also must enjoy meeting new people and engaging with their clients on a regular basis, but they are not necessarily in close quarters with them every day of the week. Seller’s agents must focus on the big picture and be expert researchers. They have to set the right price, pick the right market timing to list the house, and provide the most comprehensive advertising effort possible so their client’s home sells faster and for more.

What is a Showing Agent in Real Estate?

Now that I’ve broken down seller’s and buyer’s agents, we can discuss the unique role of showing agents in real estate. Showing agents typically support dedicated buyer’s agents.

Here is the basic problem everyone runs into when looking for a good buyer’s agent to represent them. If the buyer’s agent has total availability to show you any home any day and time, then they are probably a newer, inexperienced, and unsuccessful. But if you pick an experienced, successful buyer’s agent to work with, they won’t have the availability to show you any home any day and time you want. As a home buyer, you need the total availability of a newer agent, but you don’t want them to negotiate a half a million dollar purchase on your behalf! As a home buyer, you want a top, seasoned buyer’s agent to negotiate for you, but will get frustrated if they aren’t immediately available to show you that new home that hit the market today. As a home buyer, you want total availability to see any home you want, anytime, and you want the most experienced negotiator working on your behalf. In walks the showing agent.

What is a Showing Agent’s Job?

Showing agents have one job and one job only. Help a home buyer find their best match and immediately show the home buyer whatever they want to see. When the home buyer is ready to make an offer, the top, seasoned buyer’s agent visits the home and writes up the correct offer and negotiates with their expertise. A showing agent assisting a top producing buyer’s agent is a powerful combination and advantage for today’s home buyer. They can put in the extra effort to find you the best home, get you in to tour it anytime, and write a strong and effective offer that represents your best interest.

In our experience, there is no better setup for our home buying clients.

Want to Work with a Top Buyer’s Agent?

Kami Price has been licensed since 2004 and has helped hundreds of Portland metro area home buyers find their next home. Her showing agents are friendly, capable, fully licensed, and ready to focus all of their efforts into helping you find your next place. Then Kami is ready and able to keep an eye out for any potential issues with your next home and negotiate with all of her market expertise to get you the best deal in a winning offer. Kami and her showing agents are ready to take your call and would love to set an appointment to meet with you and discover exactly what you’re looking for in your next home or investment. Call 503-773-0000 today or chat with the bot on this site to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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