What is a Zillow Real Estate Agent?

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Does Zillow have their own Real Estate Agents?

Okay so let’s first clarify. Does Zillow have their own Realty company with their own agents? Yes and no. Zillow does not have any agents within their company that you can call to list your home on the public market, or go help you find your next home – at least not yet. Zillow has employees that happen to also have their real estate license that assist Zillow with their “Zillow Offers” program. Basically it is one of many iBuyer programs that makes a cash offer on your home (typically way under market value) for those home sellers that are willing to prioritize convenience over sales price. So while you can’t yet call a Zillow Agent to help you buy or sell your next home in a traditional fashion, you will find thousands upon thousands of licensed real estate agents on Zillow’s Agent Finder.

What is a “Best of Zillow” Real Estate Agent?

So to make things perhaps a little more confusing, within Zillow’s Agent Finder you will see real estate agents with the words, “Best of Zillow” written under their profile picture and accompanied by a special badge. Best of Zillow is a computer generated award given to real estate agents on Zillow’s platform that perform well on home buyer and seller surveys conducted by Zillow.

Okay, so what is a Zillow Premier Agent then?

Yes, Zillow has another title it gives out to some real estate agents on its platform titled Zillow Premier Agent. This title means nothing more than that agent is spending money with Zillow to advertise (at some level) on their platform.

Should I look for a Real Estate Agent on Zillow?

Zillow does a good job showing the sales records for many thousands of real estate agents across the country and so it can be very valuable to discover which real estate agents are experienced in your area. Keep in mind, Zillow’s reported sales record isn’t always completely accurate, but it does provide a nice baseline. Zillow also takes additional effort to verify that reviews left on real estate agent’s profiles are from actual clients – buyers and sellers that worked with that agent. Most real estate agent reviews you can find online have little to no verification process behind them. So yes, Zillow does do a pretty good job helping a consumer shop for a real estate agent, enabling them to see verified client reviews and a sales record.

What does my Zillow Agent profile look like?

Right now we have over 200 positive client reviews on Zillow and show 293 sales in the last 12 months in the greater Portland real estate market. We show a total of three other team members (besides myself) along with an introductory video on our real estate services. Check it out here. If you are looking for a good real estate agent in Oregon or Washington, I’d love to talk with you! We have a pay less and get more seller’s program, and top-notch buyers agent specialists.

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