When to Use a Drone Video to Sell a Luxury Home

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Aerial drone videos are a relatively new but powerful marketing tool that can help you sell the right luxury home. Here are two main reasons to use a drone video to help sell your home: 1. If you have an amazing view (like the video below) pictures cannot capture the value of a majestic view. 2. If you have acres of land and a lot of the value is in the property itself, pictures cannot convey the vastness of what you are selling, but a drone video in a short video can.

If you don’t have a lot of land or an amazing view, a drone video is pointless. A great professional photo of the exterior of your home is as impressive and will have full impact.

Many third party real estate websites do not allow you to post videos. Professional pictures are more important in selling any home than drone videos. However, in a few rare cases (lots of land, or an amazing view) pictures can’t quite capture the majesty of what you’re selling.

A fantastic way to market the drone video (since many websites won’t let you display video) is to use targeted Facebook marketing. Facebook can target affluent potential home buyers in your area. They really can. Facebook’s ability to target potential home buyers is pretty spectacular. We used the below video to reach 18,000 targeted potential home buyers in just one week! The home went pending shortly afterward. If you check out our powerful listing package, you’ll see that we generate over 100,000 online views on average per listing – mostly through paid “featuring” on the powerful third party real estate sites like Zillow.com. These real estate drone videos are supplemental marketing only, but that can be important if you have the right luxury home you’re looking to sell.

As a top Portland listing agent, I pay for professional photography, home staging consultation, and when we list the right sort of Portland luxury home, we also include a professional drone video.

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