Why Every Agent Should Join EXP Realty in 2023

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Whether you’re learning how to get your real estate license for the first time, or have been selling homes for many years now, you’ve likely heard of EXP Realty, one of the fastest growing Realty companies in the world (and of all time).

There are 319 Realty companies to choose from in Oregon, about 1 for every 53 licensed agents. In the U.S. as a whole, there is one Realty company for every 14 licensed agents.

Personally, I’ve been licensed since 2003 and have been a part of a small handful of different local Realty companies. I’d like to share with you briefly why I think EXP Realty is your best choice (whether you’re an individual agent or run a team, new or experienced) and why I think the company has the best setup for continued success into the future of the real estate industry as a whole.

EXP Realty Now Exceeds 80,000 Agents

Depending on what ranking chart you’re looking at EXP Realty is the largest real estate company in the U.S. by agent count or the 4th largest (depending on whether or not they are counting Realty franchise companies as one company or multiple different companies). It is also EXP Realty is not a franchise, it is a singular real estate company. According to the latest RealTrends report, EXP Realty is the 3rd in the nation in transaction count with over 100 billion in sales in 2021 alone. EXP Realty is also the fastest growing global real estate brokerage there is.

1. EXP Realty Excels Online

The future of real estate is here and shows up in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to real estate technology. Staying with the times is essential for real estate agents. EXP Realty has no physical barriers, so clients and Realtors can carry out all their transactions from start to finish via the web. Built online from the ground up, EXP Realty has a serious advantage over traditional Brokerage companies who struggle to maintain cohesive systems between their offices in various locations. All Realtors at EXP Realty get to use a single online portal to interact with their clients, their company, and to use to network with their fellow agents around the globe.

While I still own and maintain my own physical real estate office and have access to numerous EXP Realty offices around the PNW and the U.S., it is a reasonable argument to make that a strong online presence with seamlessly networked abilities is more important than thousands of square feet of physical office space, especially as we move into the future of this industry.

Our clients are online—This may be obvious in this day and age, but it’s worth stating that homebuyers pretty much shop exclusively online for homes as they conduct in-person tours. Homeowners use online tools to check their homes’ values, and more often than before, homeowners and buyers alike shop for Relators online, as well. In fact, International Data Communications (IDC), projects that 60% of the U.S. population’s workforce will be mobile by 2024.

Realtors are online—The days of sitting in an office are gone for many Realtors. Most work from their smartphones or laptops. In fact, according to the 2021 NAR Member Profile Report, 96% of Realtors use a smartphone, with 94% using text as the primary means of communication with clients. In addition, home sale documents are completed, filed, and stored online, listings are entered into online systems, and 68% of Realtors have their own website.

Lenders and Title Companies are Going Online—Qualifying clients online has become the norm for many mortgage companies. Even closings are starting to happen online with signings being completed by online notaries.

EXP Realty has the advantage online over al

2. EXP Realty has the World’s Best Agent Training Platform

Seriously. For fun I checked today and there were 15 live online trainings I could attend from my computer on a variety of issues and taught by some of the most successful real estate agents and industry partners in the industry- on a random Thursday. What do you want or need to know? You can search for any upcoming topic on their online training portal (and I bet you’ll find it).

3. EXP Realty has the World’s Best Networking Opportunities

Once again, sharing the same online portal with over 80,000 agents (everyone logs into the same place) provides unlimited networking opportunities. There is no one you cannot tag or message. Whether you’re looking to connect a buyer to a home or help a seller find a buyer, I know of no better online portal for networking. If you’re a new agent and looking to join a team, or if you’re an experienced agent looking to mentor and teach others, I don’t know of a larger networked pool of real estate agents (without barriers) to accomplish your career goals.

4. EXP Realty is a Reasonable Cost Brokerage

Real estate commissions have experienced a noticeable decrease over the past few years. Pressure to make changes for the benefit of consumers has meant that Brokerages now must pave the way, while maintaining quality of service. Thanks to EXP Realty’s fully online platform, they can forego the brick and mortar business model and provide full service to their agents at a more reasonable cost. Again, EXP Realty’s robust online platform doesn’t mean there are no offices or office spaces within the company, it simply means it doesn’t need them to be fully functional.

Read our article here on choosing a Realty company based on cost, leads, networking and additional more.

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