Best Interior Colors to Paint Your Home to Increase Home Value in 2024

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Did you know that painting your home can significantly affect the sale price? According to one Zillow study, choosing the right color to paint your walls can impact your bottom line as much as $5,000. While you should paint your walls whatever colors you like when living in your home when selling your home, the facts don’t lie. 

Subdued neutral tones are where it’s at for interior colors, as well as for home exteriors. Sure, a bright-colored home may catch your eye, but homes with white, beige, gray, or off-white exteriors typically perform better sales-wise than their rainbow counterparts. A 2022 survey by Opendoor highlights these choices, illustrating that most homes studied were gray (30%) or beige (26%). Don’t count out the allure of natural wood, either, as natural outdoor spaces came in at 27% for stained wood tones. 

Neutral colors reign supreme for your home’s interior. While you can add a pop of pastel color without too much pushback, most home buyers are looking for a blank canvas of a room. As one writer for Southern Living put it, “Neutral colors are also more appealing to potential buyers because many want the creative freedom of a blank canvas to add their personal touches to when looking for a new place to call home. From a seller’s point of view, it can be risky having bright, bold paint colors because personal preference ranges greatly from person to person.”

Now, don’t just whip out a can of landlord white and start painting everything! There’s some nuance to the different color expectations for each room. For example, bathrooms perform best in light blue, while bedrooms have more space for color experimentation. Of course, let’s not count out some of the top color trends for 2024, which might help jettison your home to the forefront of buyer’s minds as a hip, modern option. 

Let’s look at some of the top color trends for major rooms in your home and then break down some of the premier color choices for 2024 and how you can work them into your home decor to increase your home’s sellability. 

Bathroom Paint Colors

Painting your bathroom light blue can bring you a 1.6% increase in selling price, or $5,000 on a $290,000. Of course, if you’re looking for alternatives to light blue, gray, dark gray, light yellow, or off-white, all had similar, though not as powerful, buyer responses.

Generally, the bathroom is where you want to stick to neutral tones—bright, overbearing bathrooms hurt the sale price. You want to avoid bright reds and greens and keep pink out of the bathroom altogether. While the idea of a Barbie pink bathroom might seem appealing now, it can significantly hurt the resale value of your home, so it is best to stick to something neutral. 

Kitchen Paint Colors

With kitchens, one color stands out from the rest: pure white. Adding color to your kitchen can be a nice way to brighten up the space, but when it comes to wall colors, keeping it simple can greatly improve resale value. Save the bright colors for things like accent pieces, floral centerpieces, and, if you’re feeling creative, furniture colors. 

A white kitchen looks clean and modern, allowing the potential buyer to imagine their furniture in the space. If you don’t want to go the pure white route, you can use colors like light yellow, off-white, dark gray, gray, dark red, or dark green. 

The kitchen is one of the few places you can get away with a darker color in your home, so long as the entire kitchen isn’t dark and overbearing. Consider lighting and appliance colors before committing to something as bold as dark green. 

Avoid kitchen colors like bright yellow or bright red. Bright red, in particular, could drop your home value by as much as $1,500, according to Zillow. These primary colors may look good on your Instagram feed, but they tended to chase buyers away, making them a less-than-ideal kitchen color. As with the bathroom, stay away from pink in the kitchen.

Bedroom Paint Colors

While you can get more creative in the bedroom regarding paint colors, it’s best to stick to blues and neutrals. Dark blue is one of the most popular bedroom colors, followed by dark gray. Try to stick to colors that bring comfort and pair well with a wide range of furniture options. 

It’s best to avoid bright colors like pink, purple, or green in the bedroom. While these room colors may be fun for your teenage child, they tend to perform poorly when reselling your home. Most agents recommend repainting these colorful rooms if you’re trying to sell your home, as they can significantly negatively impact buyers. 

Living Room Paint Colors

Another room where neutrals reign supreme, the living room, performed best in a light gray. The living room is a hard place to paint in general. Not only do you spend a lot of time in your living room, but picking a color that matches all your furniture takes a lot of work. That’s why sticking with a neutral tone can help make organizing your living room that much easier and help you appeal to new buyers. 

Most buyers liked neutral tones in the living room, including light green, white, dark gray, and pale yellow. As with every other room in the home, avoid bright, overbearing colors. While you might like bright purple for your living room, this color will likely turn off potential buyers, who can only think about repainting the room when they move in. Be sure to steer clear of pink again, as well as bright yellow and green.

2024’s popular colors showcase a lot of neutrals, meaning you can easily choose from these new color trends when painting your home. While we’d recommend using popular pastels as accent colors, like Peach Fuzz by Pantone, and neutral tones like Upward by Sherwin-Williams or Limitless by Glidden for full room paint jobs.

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