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Different types of homes sell faster than others (much faster). We provide the research. Whether you’re considering adding a bathroom suite or an ADU to your property, we can help you determine what your potential return on investment might be.

Or if you’re a home buyer wanted to do your research and discover what type of real estate is more valuable in the market, we can help with that too, from reports on swimming pools to septic systems.

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portland adu real estate

Portland, Oregon Homes with ADUs Sell for More per Total Sq. Ft.

December 29, 2023

We update this article every year to let you know how much more Portland, Oregon homes with ADUs are selling for $X more per sq. ft. than those without. We keep doing this annual update so we can track the value of adding an ADU to a home over time. Keep reading to find out the latest numbers and see the past years’ reports. Have you toyed with the idea of putting an ADU on your property or buying a Portland home with an already-existing ADU? More and more, owning a home with extra living quarters is becoming a desire for many. Having extra space will allow you to house extended family or generate consistent rental income. It will also...

septic home value

Septic System vs. Public Sewer Home Value Impact, 2023 Report

July 28, 2023

Most homes within city limits are connected to a public sewer system (but not all). Of course, most homes in rural areas are on septic. Occasionally, the local government might force a homeowner to connect to their public sewer system and decommission their septic system (because they are laying new sewer lines in the area, or simply enforcing a new policy). Also, home buyers should pay attention to whether or not a home is on a public sewer or septic system as it affects the current and future value of the home. We started this report in 2022 for the greater Portland metro area and have revised our criteria in our 2023 report to attempt to generate the best comparison...

1630 SW Dellwood Ave

Single Level Homes Sell for 18% More in Portland, Oregon, 2023 Report

June 12, 2023

It should be no secret that single level detached homes sell for more per sq. ft. and sell faster on the real estate market. As single level homes become increasingly rare, I imagine the degree to which this is true will only increase (on a macro scale). This is now the fourth year we are running the numbers in Portland, Oregon, comparing all single level detached homes to multi-level homes, using the available data provided by our local MLS, RMLS. Why do single level homes sell for so much more each year? For a lengthy and detailed explanation as to why single level homes sell faster and for more, we recommend visiting our 2022 article where we list more than...

bedroom count and home value

How Much More Does a 4 Bedroom Home Sell for Than a 3 Bedroom Home?

May 22, 2023

Licensed since 2003, one of the trends I’ve noticed is that bigger homes are not as desirable as they were twenty years ago. Large homes still have a market, don’t get me wrong, but household size is down overall. The average household had 3.68 people in the home in 1940. In 2010 that number was 2.58. Then came the rise of multi-generational living and grown-up kids still living in their parent’s home. This caused a slight increase from 2.58 to 2.65 in 2017. According to an NBC news report had slightly higher numbers, the average household size still came down to around 3, a steady decline from 3.7 in the 1960’s in the reports they referenced. However you look at...

swimming pool and home value

Swimming Pools Reduce Home Value in Portland, Oregon, 2023 Report

April 28, 2023

Swimming pools are a desirable feature in a hotel or resort, but for a owner-occupied home, it isn’t always preferred. There is no doubt that the addition of a swimming pool have a significant impact during the home’s experience on the real estate market. Swimming pools affect home values in different ways, depending on whether the property is expensive, such as luxury homes, or average priced for the area. We’re going to look at exactly how swimming pools are impacting homes on the market in Portland, Oregon in 2023. I’ve been selling homes in Portland, Oregon for 20 years now and know it is important for anyone considering adding a pool, or buying a home with a pool to understand...

portland new construction homes

New Construction Homes Sell for 16% More Per Sq. Ft. than Resale Homes

March 17, 2023

Selling homes for more than twenty years now (licensed in 2003), one of the rules of thumb in the real estate market I tell my clients is that new construction homes sell for a lot more per square foot than resale homes. Appraisers would never compare new construction homes with resale homes when conducting a report, and Realtors worth their salt would never compare the two when preparing a home value estimate for a client. But in all my years I’ve yet to find a good place to get the hard data, the difference in price per sq. ft. between new and resale homes in our area. So I decided to start my own annual reports on this, so I...

portland real estate price per sq ft

The Bigger the Home, the Less it Sells for Per Square Foot.

January 30, 2023

After selling homes in Portland, Oregon for twenty years, I’ve picked up on a lot of consistent patterns that helps me to price homes correctly and give my clients the best possible real estate advice. Whether it is the best time to sell or buy a home, knowing the factors that causes a home to sell for more or less, or the reasons why a home sells or doesn’t, I’ve enjoyed the process of learning and researching over the years. I can tell my clients exactly how much value is added to a home if they add an ADU, solar panels, or a swimming pool (all based on local statistics). Through my local research I can let them know how...

solar panel impact on home value portland

Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of a Home in Portland, Oregon? 2023 Report

January 16, 2023

There have been a number of national studies on the impact installing solar panels has on home value. But, as one might imagine, there is likely a strong regional effect. Installing solar panels in Arizona might be a lot more desirable and have a greater impact on their home values, than adding solar panels to a home in the cloudy Pacific Northwest. So it is important to have some local research done, so a homeowner knows what the home value impact will be where they live, in this case Portland, Oregon, which is also likely to reflect the impact of solar panels on home values within its greater region – the Pacific Northwest. (We conduct many other regular research reports...

1980s vs 1990s real estate

Do Homes Built in the 1980’s or in the 90’s Sell for More?

December 16, 2022

Let’s have some fun. I’m writing this post for the Portland real estate market out of my own curiosity. Licensed since 2003, my team has sold over 2,000 homes in the metro. Honestly, I couldn’t answer this question prior to doing my own research, nor do I know of anyone trying to answer this question. But I do find it fascinating. We already know that single level homes sell faster and for more money per sq. ft. than any style of home with more than one level. We know that homes with bedroom suites sell for more than those without (everything else being equal), homes with septic systems sell for more than homes with public sewer, and that homes with...

homes with bathroom suite sell for more

Homes with a Bedroom Suite Sell 25% Faster and for 5% More than those without.

July 27, 2022

Waking up and strolling over to a bathroom without entering an open hallway or main living area in your home is a big deal. A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom, an en suite, French for following or after, is a desired convenience that causes homes to sell for more, a lot more. Perhaps you’re considering adding a suite to your home to increase home value or you’re contemplating the future resale value of a home you want to buy. Either way, let’s find out exactly how more homes with bathroom suites sell for than those that do not have them. To figure this out I’m looking at a select number of homes that fit within what I’d consider to...